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Reduce Beastlord Spawn Timer

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Reduce Beastlord Spawn Timer

Post#1 » Sun Oct 25, 2020 10:45 am


i would consider it a great improvement if the beastlord timers would be greatly reduced. In the current state of the game the quest is nothing special anymore but is only used to equip alts and in my opinion it is much too time consuming for that.

i would be happy if you seriously consider my proposal!

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Re: Reduce Beastlord Spawn Timer

Post#2 » Sun Oct 25, 2020 12:39 pm

At least make it so they respawn as soon as the timer on their bodies run out. Having to wait an extra 20 odd mins after the timer goes is a bit stupid.
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Re: Reduce Beastlord Spawn Timer

Post#3 » Sun Oct 25, 2020 2:07 pm

Why not enable the old Beastlord Quests for Kyreia Sek, Malachia, Tezakk Gnawbone, The Bulbous One and The Fires of Ulthuan (Xaphan and Gholnaros) again as options to acquire the set? It would also bring in some interesting drops to the Auction house. Or are these world bosses not functional?

Also the quests could be made shareable to reduce the pointless travel times.

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Re: Reduce Beastlord Spawn Timer

Post#4 » Sun Oct 25, 2020 3:06 pm

BL isnt all that hard but I agree that some QoL could be introduced.

A lot of ppl have 0 clue as to what it is, where it is, or how to do it. Which is fine for normal PvE but throw in the super time sensitive aspect of having the other realm constantly swooping in and it gets sadistic.

Also due to the rarity of decent jewels/off sets that have relevant stats to main spec, BL is a must have still so its relevant as ever.
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Re: Reduce Beastlord Spawn Timer

Post#5 » Sun Oct 25, 2020 5:17 pm

Talladego wrote:
Sun Oct 25, 2020 2:07 pm
Also the quests could be made shareable to reduce the pointless travel times.

A thousand times this.

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Re: Reduce Beastlord Spawn Timer

Post#6 » Sun Oct 25, 2020 6:28 pm

I honestly think it's fine the way it is. I did it a few weeks ago, got wiped a few times, wiped Destro a few times and it was fun. In the end it took 3-4 sessions over about 4 days to get them all.

If you reduce the timers then groups will be less inclined to fight over them which would be a shame. Also the gear might not be endgame but it's certainly relevant and should require some work to attain.

I do think making the quests shareable would be a nice touch though.

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Re: Reduce Beastlord Spawn Timer

Post#7 » Sun Oct 25, 2020 7:52 pm

During prime or weekend it can be tricky, but off that it's fine , had some good fights 6v6 there. It shouldn't be too easy to get and require some effort. Conqueror on the other hand is a nightmare, even buying gloves from AH is now hard for many classes.

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