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[Suggestion] how to fix a broken system

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Re: [Suggestion] how to fix a broken system

Post#31 » Sun Nov 22, 2020 1:07 pm

Hardkoar wrote:
Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:28 pm
Rapzel wrote:
Mon Nov 16, 2020 5:14 pm
Hardkoar wrote:
Mon Nov 16, 2020 2:04 pm
No one is claiming to not interact/play with people. The issue is the put up or gtfo mentality running rampant around here.
It's a big difference between being a competitive minmaxer and not being able to play at all because you get stomped, since you mention wow and you seem to have an understanding of how other mmorpg work, lets run that down.

the most successful to date is still WoW where you won't progress further than Raid finder/Heroic/battlegrounds gear
Althoughthis is incorrect as in fact you will get better and better gear through weekly chests rewards from both dungeons and pvp based on your progression (solo and group queues), let's assume for a moment that your statement is correct:

You can still play the game and have fun... Will you be running Mythic 12/12?
No, ofc not, but can you play the game and enjoy the content in LFR with gear tuned for your effort? **** yea!
Can you do BG's without them being Rated?
Yes. Are they balanced? Bout 10000% times more than they are here. As you will end up with enough DPS/Heals/Tanks to make it class even.

Here you can't. There simply is no option for that, it's either u play premade or u get stomped by one, there is no middle ground. How is that promoted/supported by anyone that is not a die hard 24/7 player is beyond me. In fact you can clearly see how this subject been brought up many times, by people that currently have already left together with their friends and guilds go figure and what was the reply? Put up or gtfo. Well here we are with NA struggling to have 2 wb's on destro side. Remind me again what retention we had from the streamer promoted influx of players?
Yea... And no, it's not because the game is bad, sure it has it's bugs, but the issue is obviously balance and accessibility related.
It's the little things, they add up and ppl can't be arsed to put up with it and move on to other games with their friends.

As you said, wow is a pvE game now sadly and that is why most PVP players do not play it. Once the highest raid is put on farm it's hiatus till next Xpansion. Everyone is waiting for the next PVP focused game.
The reason why I used it as a comparison is because their Queue system is by far the most balanced one achieveable. If your argument is that We don't have enough people playing the game to afford a balanced system then the problem is obviously even deeper and it shines a light on the state of the game and how interesting is for the gaming community. This IS the only RVR / Open world pvp game worth playing in 2020 and if people are not attracted / leave, there's a reason.

''You as a "solo player" will not be able to experience everything in ANY MMORPG, no matter what game you decide to play.''
Again, false and debatable in many mmos. From the get go this game gives you access to RVR and Scenarios.
Can you play RVR solo effectively at max level? Ofc you can!
Can you play SC solo effectively at max level? No, you will have a terrible experience and get farmed a lot.

Add gear achievable only through SC (like the weapon) and you have created a perfect **** storm where people are forced to get farmed or ONLY PLAY when their friends are available. Not everyone is 15, many of us are older and have families/jobs and can't afford always being online. Therefor premades are NOT always available. So we don't play when they are not? Get real.
It's the same issue with Royals being 1:1 with Invaders, healing only gear from invader but if DPS AM/Shamans want the fortress weapon they will have to go through a stupid amount of grind for an entire set they couldn't care less just to purchase a weapon...
There's too many of these things that once they add up make people say **** this. Again, sure, you might be one of those good riddance people. But again, an empty server helps no one. Just like a bunch of tryhards in full sove farming fresh 40s for a week or two before they leave helps no one.

What meta career? You have no idea what you're talking about

Oh really there's no meta 2-2-2 and there's no specific classes people only want in their parties? I can understand now why you have no idea of what's going on around you from inside your bubble. Do you even read chat and see what ppl look for/pug/kick from warbands or PVE groups?
No you don't, because most likely the last time you pugged it was in a different game. Good for you, this is obviously an issue that does not concern you, so why are you cockblocking those who are being affected by it?

Solutions have been prompted from many people, there is just no interest from the Devs to implement them, here's a couple to name them so you can see how easy things would be:

Fix WE/WH to make them welcome in wb's (hundreds of suggestions on the sub forum). Currently they are irrelevant in group play as they are outshined by every other AOE melee class / RDPS. A wb will only pick one of these two if they are either friends, or no one else in the entire game is available lol.

Make sure DPS and Heal and Tank set counterparts are available for EVERY activity. RVR/SC/PVE . This way people will choose what's their best approach on further progressing their gear.
ADD an RVR weapon counterpart to the SC one OR fix SC imbalance between Pugs vs Premades.

Allow people that queue solo to play against other people that have queued solo and grouped vs grouped. If the issue is that there aren't enough ppl queuing as a group and therefor premades will get 2-3 max pops a day, then you NEED to fix the queue by adding a spec choice before signup. This will avoid 12 dps vs 2-2-2's situations and give atleast a slight chance at a fair fight.

These, and many others, are quality of life improvements and suggestions that are put towards making everyone's life better and not to benefit one or the other party. Premades need pugs to join Sc's. Guilds need randoms to show up at forts sieges, Solo gankers need guilds to pick off from. We ALL need other people to play the game, an empty server serves no one. If you can't understand this concept and keep your biased belief that Solo players are not needed then there's no point continuing this conversation.

Because this is not just another one of those threads about how you just want your bis gear without putting any effort into it right?

How is it not putting in effort when you go PUGS vs EzMode premade? If anything, it takes 10x more effort and struggle. Any premade that loses Vs a Pug in this game queue conditions should just consider doing something better with their life.
You have an incredible biased way of thinking....

''I choose the best players to team up and go win the scenario vs the pugs that didn't carry me in my previous one''
I want to be rewarded for my effort.

Seriously? I'm kinda done...

You're absolutely right. Those people in wow who spend hours and hours grinding materials and artifact power and whatever it's called just to get world first with their guilds don't play WoW on hard mode, it's the people who play LFR that knows what hard mode really is. Those top tier guild just want to kill bosses as fast as possible so they just take the best players they kind find and ez mode every boss, no effort what so ever.
Those guys are just a bunch of cheaters really, they possess no skill at all.
It's just like in real life, companies that want the best employees don't put in any effort into their work, they just want to be carried by their amazing employees.

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Re: [Suggestion] how to fix a broken system

Post#32 » Sun Nov 22, 2020 8:38 pm

Lmao.. Yea, u need full Sove to beat a bunch of fresh 40s and mid vanquisher tier randoms with 1 healer on a lucky day.
Look pal, i'd love to keep talking with you and others around this forum but Alas, I've just gotten one warning too many so I'm out. Have fun.

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