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Translations WarEmu will they get implementated when there a done

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2020 3:23 pm
by whitekong92
Hello i want to translate on ... ic&value=3 the game in german.
Will the translation get implementated in the Game when its done?
How i see only the items and description are left to translate.
What is with the Quests, NPC´s, Monsters High Elfs vs Dark Elfs and Greenskins vs Dwars? i cant find them they need to be implementated too, for translation.

And fully translated in German brings a lot of new player.

other question: can you make respawn time from npc longer in the levelzones. It kills the atmosphere when the npc enemies come back in 1 min and make it harder to level. minimum 5 min would be nice.
thank you