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rSH suggestion to fix the rework

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rSH suggestion to fix the rework

Post#1 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 7:40 pm

Well, if you play a rSH you should of already noticed how bad we got nerfed. Our Big Shootin' rotation got messed up to the point now that there's no rotation at all. Our range of Quick Shootin' got removed making it not worth playing Ranged Squig Herder at all. Somehow SH was better before the so called rework (nerf).

So, to fix what happened to the rSH and make it playable again, I propose the next things which are very simple stuff.

1. Move skill "Finish 'em off" back to Big Shootin' path which is where it belongs since it used to play an important role of the Big Shootin' rotation.

2. Increase range of Quick Shootin' skills by the use of a Tactic.

There are other things but i'll just limit myself to these two points i just mentioned since i believe it's the most important things I worry about, of course there are other skills to rework and I've noticed other players have bring it up in other posts, so that's it.

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