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Randomly triggered ex machina events

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2020 11:32 pm
by Talladego
I think I understand the reasoning behind obscuring the numbers of players displayed in SoR: to reduce the funneling of players into the same zones.
However I can only see this having a marginal effect since it just takes a bit longer to figure out which zone is the place to be.
And eventually everyone will gather in the zone most likely to flip, always chasing the next bag roll.

Another way of spreading out the population across zones would be to incentivize them to go elsewhere.
AAO does this to some extent but probably mostly helps soloers as warbands don't bother too much with it since it will go away as soon as they enter the zone.

I suggest that in cases where zones have grinded to a halt and become stale for x hours, a randomly triggered event spawns a world boss or daemonic invasion in some other zone.
Similar to holiday events like the Great Unclean One or Bloodthirster in Chaos Wastes rvr PQs.
With rewards that are interesting enough to lure players to leave the congested zone.
For instance rewards could be Officer Coins, talismans, potions, mounts or perhaps even Onslaught gear.

At least for me the game as of now is mostly a race for bag rolls with occasional scenario pops in between, getting a bit dull lately.
Something like this would make the game more unpredictable and interesting I believe.

Re: Randomly triggered ex machina events

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2020 12:16 am
by teiloh
This would be pretty cool imo

It'd be fun to fight people in open field at an event