[WL] Mastery optmization

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[WL] Mastery optmization

Post#1 » Sat Dec 05, 2020 8:49 am

Hello everyone,

Before I start with my suggestion, I've reviewed several forum posts about how to properly make one and to provide all the necessary data required. Based on developers feedback in some of the threads, I understand that before making a suggestion, I should address 3 points:
  • Players feedback
  • Developers feedback
  • Data
Therefore, my suggestions are the following:
  • Merge threat reduction tactics for your lion and you into one (combine "Threatening distraction" and "Stalker"):
    Players feedback - I'm not familiar with end game organized PvE content, therefore my suggestion is purely based on optimization. There isn't any other career with 2 threat reduction tactics.
    Developers' feedback - I haven't received any and I will be more than happy if a developer is entertained by that thought.
    Data - As mentioned above, I have no data to share, this is a suggestion made by pure observation.
  • Merge "Furious mending" and "Calming presence" into one:
    Players feedback - Many players find slotting "Calming presence" necessary, but underwhelming. You have to give up so much in order to make sure your lion survives a little bit longer. You can check the comments on the patch notes - viewtopic.php?f=42&t=42367.
    Developers' feedback - As before, I will be more than happy to receive any feedback from the devs. I know they are working hard and addressing more important issues.
    Data - Here the results are distorted. Due to pathing issues, the war lion is rarely in 30 feet radius, therefore the healing provided is inconsistent. When you send your pet to fetch! someone, the pet goes out of range no healing is provided, and simply dies (a tactic wasted, 15s cooldown on pet summoning, another tactic for movement speed on pet is also wasted). When fighting someone in a small group, the issue is not observed.
Any feedback is appreciated and any suggestion/tweak to the proposition is more than welcome.


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