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[SW] Skirmish Stance

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[SW] Skirmish Stance

Post#1 » Wed Jan 27, 2021 9:43 pm

Having returned from a hiatus, I was very eager to play out some of the new changes

Having given the changes an honest try I have to say that the class did take some getting used to.

The new WB aoe spec adds a lot of versatility to the class rather than just be a lileath arrow spamming leading shots bot. The loss of the range tactic does mean that the heal debuff, and snare are very very difficult to use, if not down right risky.

This risk does not intuitively play into the rest of the classes ability, where abilities like SFA and Broadhead are 100’, but take down and HD are 65’

65’ unfortunately in T4 is a death sentence to a skirmisher, where GttDC and other AoE abilities will easily trigger (due to latency).

I don’t necessarily believe that these abilities should be 100’ but I did want to give feedback that 65’ is too short due to lack of range increaser. Additionally difficult to as both are conditional (snare has a cast timer, HD requires an ailment)

While my enjoyment is not solely dependent on kiting, that is the main reason I liked the shadow warrior, and while these are mostly QoL changes I felt it was worth bringing up.

My suggestion would be to increase the range of all Skirmisher abilities but have split arrows bring the range down for all skirmisher abilities.

Thank you for your time
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Re: [SW] Skirmish Stance

Post#2 » Thu Jan 28, 2021 1:57 am

I agree, when they changed the ranges of Skirmish abilities to 100 feet (base) but left Takedown and Shadow Sting unchanged, it made no sense to me, nor does it now. 65 feet is considered "low range" in the trinity of low/medium/long and does very little when compared to the rest of the ranges in that spec.

While we're on the topic of odd, strange changes to the SW, taking Broadhead Arrow away from Assault stance makes little sense as well, especially considering you can still SFA/Shadow Sting in that stance but can't have access to our main DoT. Color me absolutely confused with whoever decided to make these changes.
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Re: [SW] Skirmish Stance

Post#3 » Thu Jan 28, 2021 7:59 am

I find the aoe spec a little bit clunky.
Prefer the old Sw Skimisch or better i loved it run with the Zerge Applie Safe ss and Pierce defence, knock down in right moment, slow all while running and finisch the half death.
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The only thing where destro whining about was Meele Specc i dont know why make this tree aoe and let skirmisch skirmisch. Yet i have more fun to run solo choppa again sad. Afraid of the Choppa Rework.
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