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Suggestion: Role in need boost

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Suggestion: Role in need boost

Post#1 » Sun Feb 14, 2021 2:34 pm

Greetings. I be hearing alot of current issue of ''having too many this role of class'' So this might be solution for the problem.

What is Role in Need?

- Role in Need or RiN in short would be a system that encourage players to create / log that specific role. By rewarding players with Influence / RR boost in ORVR, SC, Dungeons and PQs, until other role is need it. It could eliminate the problem of having too many DPS / Healer / Tank classes in ORVR / Scenarios and Cities.

How much RiN gives boost?

- RiN boost could give 20% RR, Influence until there is another need of role / architype like healers or tanks.

How could we monitor that how many specific roles / architype are online?

- Honestly I do not know solution for that one (I'm not a programmer) and I don't know if GM / Dev team has tools to monitor how many percent of DPS / Tank / Healer class are online at time. If they do have ability to see. But it could automated like AAO system.

I don't have any high expectation this getting through but its a idea non the less :)


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