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[Fort] Adjustments: Bag Rolls + Player Rank

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[Fort] Adjustments: Bag Rolls + Player Rank

Post#1 » Mon Feb 15, 2021 1:43 pm

Hello, i want to address two things:

1st the Bag Rolls:
I suggest to change the system to the same as in city, where you get, as being the losing side, lesser crests and lower bags, but bags at all. Currently as the losing side you get no bags and less crests.

Losing side:
2 Invader
white - blue bags depending on contribution

Wining side:
stays the same.

this would hopefully motivate good/better geared characters to go into fort even if you are "losing".

2nd The Player Rank:
Please change the minimum career rank to 40. This is end content and should be treated the same as citys.

-> Limit Career Rank to minimum 40

Thank you.
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