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City Siege Suggestions

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City Siege Suggestions

Post#1 » Mon Feb 15, 2021 11:52 pm


First of.. great job on the new queue system, it is way better all round!

Couple further changes to make it better:
  • Show solo queue tank/dps/heal pop
Similar to ranked queue, show number of each archetype in queue. To reduce chance of getting those 22-24 DPS cities.
  • Ranked and Pop all queues at the same time
After 30 minutes from siege opening, match and pop all queues at the same time.
Use avg character ELO for WB ( to sort each queue tier (premade vs premade, premade vs solo, solo vs solo).
This will prevent some dodging and further improve city balance.
  • Renown Bonus For Losing
From what I can tell there's no renown tick/bonus for losing city, unlike fort (and sc?).
I suggest making city the same as either fort (personal+team contribution) or scenarios (renown*losing modifier).
Why? it's a small encouragement to try harder rather than now where you get the same bonus for getting kills 0:400 or 350:400.
Also currently, losing city feels less rewarding than losing fort (at least pre-sov/rr80)..
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