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Repurposing PvE areas into Scenarios/temporary battle grounds

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Repurposing PvE areas into Scenarios/temporary battle grounds

Post#1 » Tue May 25, 2021 4:53 pm

Hi Team R,

Wanted to suggest what could be a reletively low effort high gain idea, that probably have been suggested before..
Regardless, RoR has a lot of awesome PvE areas that asides from the odd PQ party, mat/gold farmer spots, PvE leveler and Easter event goes mostly undisturbed
these non-PvP areas take up roughly 70‐50٪ of all the land area and represent huge potential to turn into PvP areas.

Imagine a temporary Fort like setting, where a specific area is turned into a pvp zone with battles lasting 20-40 minutes
called zone-scenarios / rally /special /war /mission, will be refering to them as zsc in this post.

Queueing could be done like with city, but for reserved spots by zone contributions, and give preference to groups and wbs.

Each mission should be adjusted to any specific advantages by one side, meaning both the scenario area and the current rvr pop balance, though should be around 6-48 vs 12-48.

The primary goal is to have new scenarios and play modes. The secondary could be to help balance orvr population/advantage and to break stalemates, the secondary could take a lot to implement and may not be welcomed by the community (better to have 2 2star cities a day than miss 1 5star every other day).
If you just add them to scenario pool, then do sc rewards, but if you link to campaign make it a fort-lite ; maybe 2 invader/Royal for winner / 1 invader for loser + bag roll

Different Play Types
Standard 24 v 24 (or 48v48 if zsc and pop allows): triggered when stalemates occur (active zones for +1 hour, but no zone captures) and sides are equal

Underdog 12 v 18/24: triggered when one side has 20-80% AAO/server pop and is a P+EvP event, like complete stage x of CH22 while getting attacked by 12 man or 12 man defend PvE keep/BO lord/flags against 18/24 (e.g. areas like West Praag Sundered Fortress)

Champions 3/6 v 12/18/24/48:trigged when +100% AAO/server pop and would be P(+E) v P where low pop realm team is turned into champs. Could also be triggered by Fort siege with high AAO, for example this month there's been a lot of 164 v 70, you could then move 24-48 from 164 and 6 from 70 into a zsc.
These champs would need to be more powerful than in city versions, more dmg, health and wider AoE, think WoW Raid bosses but with players and supported by CH22 mobs.

winner side gain small campaign boost (keep rank/supply boost, summoning lords and epic beasts (dragons/gryphons/huge chaos beasts and giants) if behind in aao/server pop.
Summons stay at keep court yard until realm attacks outer door, then they join siege. They would ignore aggro, and just mass aoe attack anything on the way to enemy lord (e.g 4/3 star funnel breakers).
If Champion wins fort triggered zsc, they could be teleported as champions to the fort.

Zone SC Areas
All CH22 24man PQs
All side zones (3)
Any awesome PQ or landmark
Any war or chapther camp (invasion mode)

Chaos Wastes
From Order CH22 camp to CH22 24man PQ (Ebon Keep)
The Madness PQ
the 3 Order CH20 PQs
Reaping Pain (21k,24k)
Tower of Awakening (16k,50k)
Lonely Tower (3k,22k) and hill path towards Deathchill ch15 ( 3k,16k) ending at the Frozen Demon (8k,5k)

Riekland (PQs / Landmarks here seems mirrored to some degree, so can just pick one side)
Grauenburg PQ (4k,8k) / Ritterburg (59k,30k)
West Temple (16k,28k) / Temple of Reikland (60,4k)
Heinreich Estate (8k,60k) / Hunting the Hunters (56k,48k)
From Road Fork at (42k,65k) to all CH22 PQs: Fields of Reikland, Reikland Training Grounds (50k,55k) + All the Kings Men (42k,55k)

West Praag
Sundrered Fortress (Order+Destro side)

Gates of Praag (10k,3k)
Cinderash Enclave and Cinderash Tower (58,26 + 60,20)
Summoning Circle (10k,15k)

Isle of the Dead (special event)
This could be a whole zone unlocked if both IC and AD are 4/5 stars (or since that doesn't really happen maybe once a month at some random peak hour), each landmark/BO will have a lord (Archmage/sorcerer), 3 on each side.
Telics and Malekith will be battling in the middle, throwing massive and deadly aoe spells players have to walk through to get across
Both arch lords are protected by barriers until x kills of enemies breaks it, letting you kill enemy arch lord.
Each BO can be captured by killing BO lord and maintaining control. Each BO gives x ""kills"" per second, accelerate a lot when all BOs belong to one side. BO lord should have 33-50% health of a keep lord, and scale with zone pop.
Can start of as a 150 v 150, but increase equally as people join on both sides beyond that.
Rewarded as a fort, but with only 1 gold on winning side that has some special item/mount, or same amount as fort but gives Stalwart Stone instead.

Final Thoughts
There seem to be at least 1-2 viable locations in each zone, and would be happy to list them, given interest from community/RoR team, for now I hope this would be enough to spark some ideas and converstations..
and most importantly, showcase the relative ease with which a lot of existing content can be repurposed into new.

This also have the benefit of being very modular, so mvp could be something as simple as 1 zsc with 1 BO added to the normal sc queue.

Then next release could include 1 more area and eventually a new mechanic, etc.
In contrast to LotD and LV, which kind of have to be complete and work well as one major update.
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