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(SH)AM QoL for off target out of group buffs

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(SH)AM QoL for off target out of group buffs

Post#1 » Thu May 27, 2021 9:22 am


Great changes last patch, so thanks for that! Great step towards a more defined role for AMs as wb healers :)

Two things..
1. Please allow Lamenting Aura/Ey' Quit bleedin to send "buff applied" updates from out of party off target to addons like Enemy and Buffead. You can limit it to warband parties, though thats probably just more coding and no gains.

This will solve the new problem we have of applying 3 hots to our frontline and suddenly having up to 50% chance that the next target you click already has the hot.

2. Please, and this might be a bit to early, increase the aoe range to 20-30 feet (especially if 1. Can't be done).
15 is too short, you quite often miss one even when trying to get both guard and guardee. This is clear in ranked where you expect to cast 1-2 hots to cover the group, but end up casting 4 most of the time (once for each tank and dps).

I think you can set the range at 20 without further adjustments.
30 might be too much, but considering overlap/early reapplies, the +100% overheal on hot, 1. Above, and the low hps of each hot, could still be fine.
Or replace Empowered Lores with +15-30f on LA aoe.
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