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ORVR Campaign Mechanics - Historical Overview

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ORVR Campaign Mechanics - Historical Overview

Post#1 » Fri Jun 18, 2021 11:55 am

Obviously a big conversation going on about the orvr campaign and its mechanics, so just for reference I had a check back at the old AoR patch notes and pulled out below the relevant information so you can see how they changed over a period of time. Also added in the city campaign changes.

If you want to check out the patch notes yourself they are available here: ... PatchNotes

I'm not favouring any particular mechanic, although it is true to say taking a zone at the beginning and getting to a city was a much more involved task than towards the end and those that remember live at the end it was just daily city churn. From my recollection at the beginning it was much more a game of guile and deception and the guilds having to strategically plan campaigns together in advance and get their ducks in a row to have any chance of reaching a city, which was usually every couple of weeks (usually just weekends) . Bigger numbers overall could be beaten by a co-ordinated strategy.

I'm guessing the "feedback" Mythic received was gives us cities and loot and hence the dumbing down of the campaign overall to make that happen, not that the campaign mechanics in themselves didn't work. I think there are also safeguards in some of the original mechanics that also stop cities being taken when no one is logged on, or certainly makes that more difficult (unless you are Exodus, Death Watch & Death Company and go sneaking in back doors :D)

This obviously comes back to what the player base wants do you want a much harder rvr campaign and less cities or more cities/ability to gear up quicker. Do you return to the more "hard core" version of the game as originally implemented, in perhaps an true open world setting (no distinction of combat in pve/pvp zones) or do you tinker with the dumbed down version of it that existed at then end ? At the end of the day Mythic was driven by commercial decisions amd subscriptions you are not, although whether any change from is doable only the devs know.

To avoid a wall of text, i added spoilers for each relevant patch. Luckily for me , Mythic was not as profilic at putting out patches as RoR :D

1.1.0 - 12/11 - December 11 2008
Realm vs. Realm
All Fortress Lords have been adjusted to ensure that they provide the intended level of challenge. This includes updates to their abilities, damage, and defenses.

Reinforcement Guards for Keeps from captured Battlefield Objectives will now have a title that reflects where they have come from.

The Order patrols near Festenplatz will now patrol further away to allow room for players to move without potentially drawing the patrol into the Battlefield Objective battle.

Keep Lords based on pet-using careers will now summon pets in a manner similar to their player counterparts.

Battlefield Objectives in every tier and pairing have been fortified with newer, more realm-specific palisades and other types of barricades.

Siege Oil Pads on High Elf and Dark Elf keeps have been moved slightly so the splash hits better and the oil is attackable properly from below.

The patrolling guards for Wilhem's Fist have had their path slightly adjusted to ensure they do not attempt to overrun Siege Pads or other objects in area.

The patrolling Order guards for Fangbreaker Keep will now path properly around the Keep.

The Postern Doors on the outer walls of the Fortresses in Reikwald and Butcher's Pass were never meant to be usable. As such, they have been fixed so that the doors will give the proper 'barred' message to players that attempt to use them.

Keeps and Battlefield Objectives will now broadcast a message to all players in the entire Tier when they change realm control. This messaging can be turned off or on from the User Settings.
Keep/Fortress Contribution: Fixed a bug with earning contribution towards Public Quests for taking a keep/fortress. With this fix players who actively participate in Keep/Fortress assault will earn contribution from many different actions associated with a siege.

Keep/Fortress Defense: Players successfully defending a Battlefield Objective, Fortress or Keep will now correctly receive an experience, renown and influence reward. This reward directly reflects the amount of attacking players killed in the area of the Public Quest related to a Battle Field Objective, Fortress or Keep. Defenders who throw back their enemies forces will be rewarded when it is apparent that the battle has subsided.
1.2.0 - 03/03 March 3 2009
Zone Control Domination
To help place more emphasis on Keep claiming and defense, as well as to combat the "defense by not defending" strategy, we are introducing the Zone Control Domination mechanic.

With this system, players who take and hold all Battlefield Objectives and claim Keeps in a contested zone (in Tier 4) or a shared RvR lake (in Tiers 2 and 3) have the opportunity to capture that zone, forgoing the standard mechanics of Zone Control. Each Battlefield Objective and Keep will be worth 1 Domination Point.

To capture a zone via the Domination rules, your Realm must have all 6 Domination Points. In Tiers 2 and 3, capturing all six points in a shared RvR lake will give the capturing Realm control of the entire Tier. These are represented as small pip marks on the Zone Control Bar. Battlefield Objectives and Keeps have different requirements for earning their Domination Point, as follows:

To earn a Domination Point from a Battlefield Objective, it must be owned by your realm for 30 minutes.

To earn a Domination Point from a Keep, it must be claimed by a Guild and then held for 2 hours. If you lose control of a Battlefield Objective or Keep at any time, you lose the Domination Point.

Multiple Domination Points cannot be gained from a single source (for example, it isn't possible to get 6 Domination Points by capturing Martyr's Square 6 times).

If a zone that was taken over by Zone Domination is put into a contested state, all timers and Domination Points are reset.
1.2.1 - 04/16 - March 16 2009
RvR Zone Control Rewards
Various improvements have been made to Zone Control Rewards in Tier 4 zones to reward players for zone captures more so than individual Objective and Keep captures. When active zones are captured in Tier 4, all players in the zone are awarded Renown based on their Rank, similar to Tiers 1, 2, and 3..

Battlefield Objectives that are owned by the conquering realm will also buff all of the players in the zone with the same buffs that Sergeants grant players. Lastly, players who have captured a Keep or Battlefield Objective in the zone, which is then captured, will be awarded additional Renown from capturing from capturing these zones.

Upgrade Your Assault with Ordnance!
We are pleased to introduce a new resource to RvR that players can trade in for deadly assault upgrades! Scattered throughout the RvR lakes and acquired from killing players, Ordnance is collected and traded in for various items and weapons to use in open-field RvR! Battering rams with more hit points, ballistae that do more damage, and oil immunity potions can all be purchased and used on unsuspecting enemy players!
1.3.0 - 06/15 June 16 2009
Realm vs. Realm
New Keep Upgrade: Deadbolt
Guilds can now purchase the Deadbolt upgrade for their Keeps. This upgrade locks the inner door of a claimed Keep, making it so enemies cannot use Pick Lock or Bypass Defenses to gain entry into the inner Keep. When the Deadbolt upgrade has been purchased, the postern door will be named "Dead-locked Postern Door."

Additional Ordnance Weapons
Additional siege weapons have been added to the ordnance merchants.

Three new area-of-effect siege weapons have been added that provide either increased knockdown, snare, or knockback effects. These weapons will do the same damage as standard area-of-effect siege weapons:

"Concussion" area-of-effect siege weapons will knock down enemy players more frequently than standard area-of-effect siege weapons in the radius of the blast.
"Explosive" area-of-effect siege weapons will knock back enemy players in the radius of the blast.
"Sticky" area-of-effect siege weapons will apply a snare to enemy players in the radius of the blast.
Two additional types of direct-damage siege weapons have been added:

"Flaming" direct-damage siege weapons will make a targeted siege weapon unable to be repaired for short period of time. This weapon does less damage than standard direct-damage siege weapons.
"Entrapping" direct-damage siege weapons will apply a trap on the targeted siege weapon that damages the affected siege weapon, as well as the players who operate that siege weapon, similar to the ability "Booby Trap."
Two additional types of rams have been added:

"Bulky" rams have 50% more hit points, but do 25% less damage.
"Exceptional" rams have a five-second reload time but degrade faster.
1.3.0.b - 07/21 July 21 2009
Realm vs. Realm
Fortress timers will now decrease by 15 minutes for each time the corresponding city has been contested in the past three days. The timer cannot go below 15 minutes total. For example, if Altdorf has been pushed into contested twice in the past three days, and Destruction pushes the campaign into Stonewatch, the time Destruction has to defeat the Fortress lord will be 30 minutes.

The Field of Glory buff currently grants a 100% Experience bonus in RvR Lakes when killing players. Players will now receive an additional 50% bonus to Experience and a 150% bonus to Renown when killing players near Battlefield Objectives or Keeps.
1.3.2 - 10/15 October 15 2009
Apprenticeship System
Are you new to the game, and want to adventure with your friends, but can't because they're many Ranks higher than you? Or are you looking to bring someone new to the WAR and want to adventure with them, but you're Rank 40 and they're just starting out?

If the answer to either question is "Yes", we have great news! The new Apprentice system allows players of differing Ranks to play together, whether battling it out in RvR or aiding your Realm's war effort in quests and Public Quests. Just click on another player's portrait in the group or Warband window and choose the "Make Apprentice" option, and that player will be scaled up to your Rank, no matter how much lower of a Rank they are.

Campaign / Open RvR
A new Keep difficulty system has been implemented that rewards players with higher degrees of loot for Keep battles involving large numbers of enemy players and higher degrees of upgrades. Players will now be rewarded with loot for successfully attacking Keeps held by the opposing Realm as well as defending Keeps held by their own Realm. Players can view the difficulty rating of each Keep by the number of gold stars displayed under the Keep icon on the map. The difficulty ranks from 1 star (the easiest) to 5 stars (the most difficult). The higher the number of stars, the greater the rewards that Keep offers.

Fortress battles have been removed as a part of the Tier 4 RvR campaign. Cities are now open to attack after two pairings are captured without the additional hurdle of a Fortress battle at the end of each one. The Fortresses themselves are currently open and free of hostile guards. There are future plans for the Fortresses, but we are not yet prepared to announce them.

All Champion-con Battlefield Objective guards in Tier 1 have been reduced to Core difficulty. As a result, players will find it easier to capture undefended Battlefield Objectives in Tier 1.
Renown Rank 1 players will no longer receive zone capture rewards.

All Tier 4 Battlefield Objectives and Keeps will now properly set their status as locked or unlocked according to the current state of the campaign after server resets.

Capital Cities
Dungeons located within capital cties are now accessible at all times regardless of city Rank.
City victory points will now only account for Objective points generated from the city Public Quest. The Scenario and skirmish pools have been removed.
The captured stage for contested cities will now last for a maximum of six hours.
Warlord instance lockout timers within the capital cities have been changed to 68 hours.
Order players who have died and released within The Eternal Citadel, Bloodwrought Enclave, or Bilerot Burrow will now respawn inside near the instance's entrance, beside a friendly healer.
Destruction players who have died and released within Altdorf Palace, Sigmar Crypts, or Warpblade Tunnels will now respawn inside near the instance's entrance, beside a friendly healer.
Mechanics have been put in place to prevent players who have died and released from rejoining specific encounters until the encounter is completed. The encounters that this mechanic applies to are within Altdorf Palace, The Eternal Citadel, Bloodwrought Enclave, Bilerot Burrow, Sigmar Crypts, and Warpblade Tunnels.
1.3.3 - 12/02 December 2 2009
The Underdog System
Each time a capital city is Captured the realm who successfully captured the city will lose one Underdog Rating point to a maximum of -3 while the realm who defended the city will gain one underdog rating point to a maximum of +3.

Underdog Rating points will decay up or down back toward 0 by 1 point per 24 hours during which no city is Captured. Underdog Rating points greater than +1 or less than -1 each add or remove 5% to the percentage of Victory Points needed to capture zones in the Tier 4 Open RvR Campaign and also increase or reduce the Tier 4 pairing lockdown timer by one hour per point beyond the first.

Additionally, Zone Domination timers are reduced to 45 minutes for Keeps and 10 minutes for Battlefield Objectives at an Underdog Rating of 2, and 30 minutes for Keeps and 0 minutes for Battlefield Objectives at an Underdog Rating of 3. New underdog rating icons and tooltips have been added to the Zone Control bar in Tier 4 to display this information.
1.3.4 - 02/02 February 2 2010
Tier 4 Campaign Changes
Players will now be faced with a difficult decision when a city enters Captured state. Beginning with 1.3.4 the Tier 4 RvR campaign will now reset when a Contested City enters the Captured state. Players must now make a decision: Stay in the city and potentially capture the opposing realm's King, or take the battle back to the open field to prevent an all out assault on your own city?
1.3.5 - 05/18 May 18 2010
Realm vs. Realm
General Changes and Bug Fixes
Players will no longer receive Zone Control Rewards when in a tier lower than their character Rank.
City Campaign Changes
Contested Altdorf and The Inevitable City will both be undergoing extensive overhauls with patch 1.3.5. With the contested cities as the capstone to the Tier 4 campaign, the emphasis for this patch was to make the cities RVR driven. To do this, the following changes were made to the Contested cities.

(Unless otherwise noted, the changes below apply to both Contested Altdorf and The Inevitable City.)

General Changes
City Sieges will now be a 24-versus-24 battle.
City Sieges will now last a maximum of 2 hours (1 hour as Contested, but will remain open for another hour so that players can finish their instances).

All PVE instances within the Contested City have been removed. The Warlords and King are now part of the Contested City PQ.

The City Siege is now split into three stages, outlined later in the notes.
Players in the City Siege are now placed in an instance-specific scenario party. Looting rules are disabled for this City Siege scenario party.
Players who go link dead in a Contested City will be returned to the same Contested City if they log back in within 5 minutes.
Reward Changes
With the removal of the PVE Instances, the rewards for those instances are now given at the appropriate stage of the City Siege (Stage 1 = Invader; Stage 2 = Warlord; Stage 3 = Sovereign).

During each stage of the City Siege, both the defender and invader will have a chance to obtain rewards. This means that successfully defending your city can result in winning Sovereign equipment!

At the conclusion of each stage of the City siege, players on both sides are rewarded for their efforts.
The winning realm will receive a PQ Chest drop. Those who win the PQ chest roll will have to make a conscious decision on what they want from the bag.

Players on the winning Realm who did not win a bag will instead receive a number of Invader's, Warlord's or Royal Crests placed directly into their inventory. Players on the losing Realm will receive a number of Invader's, Warlord's or Royal Crests based upon how well their Realm did despite not being the victor.
In the case of a stalemate, possible in stages 2 and 3 of the City Siege, both sides will receive a "consolation prize" equivalent to the reward normally given to the losing side of that stage.

Stage I (Winning Realm):
Without Reward Lockout Timer: 10x Invader's Crests
With Reward Lockout Timer: 7x Invader's Crests
Stage I (Losing Realm):
0x Objectives Controlled: 1x Invader's Crest
1x Objective Controlled: 1x Invader's Crest
2x Objectives Controlled: 2x Invader's Crests
3x Objectives Controlled: 3x Invader's Crests
4x Objectives Controlled: 4x Invader's Crests
5x Objectives Controlled: 5x Invader's Crests
6x Objectives Controlled: 6x Invader's Crests

Stage II (Winning Realm):
Without Reward Lockout Timer: 5x Warlord's Crests
With Reward Lockout Timer: 3x Warlord's Crests

Stage II (Losing Realm):
0x Objectives Controlled: 1x Warlord's Crest
1x Objective Controlled: 1x Warlord's Crest
2x Objectives Controlled: 1x Warlord's Crest
3x Objectives Controlled: 2x Warlord's Crests
4x Objectives Controlled: 2x Warlord's Crests
5x Objectives Controlled: 2x Warlord's Crests
6x Objectives Controlled: 3x Warlord's Crests

Stage III (Winning Realm):
Without Reward Lockout Timer: 5x Royal Crests
With Reward Lockout Timer: 3x Royal Crests

Stage III (Losing Realm):
0x Enemy Realm Champions Defeated: 1x Royal Crest
1x Enemy Realm Champion Defeated: 1x Royal Crest
2x Enemy Realm Champions Defeated: 2x Royal Crests
3x Enemy Realm Champions Defeated: 2x Royal Crests
4x Enemy Realm Champions Defeated: 3x Royal Crests

At the conclusion of each Stage of the Contested City, all players of the winning Realm who earned enough Contribution to qualify for a PQ loot roll will have a Reward Lockout Timer applied to their character.
This reward lockout timer will force a character to opt out of loot if they attempt that stage again within the lockout period. Players with a lockout timer can still participate in a Contested City battle; their reward will be spoils in the form of Crests in lieu of a chance at the standard reward bags.

Upon entering a Contested City a player will receive a "Personal Preparation" buff. While this buff is active, a player may leave the battle without incurring any penalty. After this buff has faded, leaving a battle for any reason will result in the player receiving the "Quitter!" debuff and will be unable to rejoin any city battle for the debuff's duration.

Zone Control
Victory Points are no longer a factor in the Contested City stage. All instances of the City Siege will be independent from one another. Cities pushed to the Contested City state from the campaign will drop two ranks at the conclusion of the Contested City phase.

The City Siege is now broken up into three contiguous stages within Altdorf or The Inevitable City:
Stage 1: Attacker Push
Setup Phase: ~5 Minutes
Duration: 15 Minutes (Maximum: 45 Minutes... details included in the description)
Attacker's Win Condition: Destroy the Palace Door
Defender's Win Condition: Hold Out Until the Timer Reaches Zero
Reward Lockout Duration: Approximately 20 Hours (Real Time)

Brief Summary:
During the setup phase of this stage players can prepare while the King briefs them on the battle ahead. Once complete, the invaders and defenders are released into the city and the City Siege begins!

The goal for the attackers is to destroy the Palace Door within the time allotted. This is accomplished by capturing a series of chained objectives around the city and destroying the Palace Door.

Objectives and their current status are clearly marked on the map.
Capturing an objective will increase the available time for attackers by 5 minutes.
Captured points cannot be reclaimed by the defenders during this stage.
Objectives gate access to the Palace Door and will affect the final battle in stage 3.
Objectives are chained so that access to the next point is gated by capturing the previous objectives. (see below)
Contested Altdorf objectives:
The Armory and The Siege Workshop are open initially.
Capturing either of these will open Emperor's Circle.
Capturing Emperor's Circle will open The South Dock, The Library, and The North Dock.
Capturing The Library or the North Dock will begin the assault on the Palace Door.
Contested IC objectives:
The Slaanesh Chambers and Khorne War Quarters are open initially.
Capturing either of these will open Emissary of the Changer.
Capturing Emissary of the Changer will open Temple of the Damned, The Lyceum, and The Outcrop.
Capturing The Lyceum or the The Outcrop will begin the assault on the Citadel Gate.
Capturing an Objective:

To capture an objective, the invaders must first destroy the defender's siege equipment at that point. Doing so will trigger their realm to send a sapper NPC to take over the objective. The invaders need to protect this NPC until it can make it to the objective and take it over. If the sapper is killed, another will spawn and repeat the process, until either the invaders take the objective, or the time for the stage expires. Sapper NPCs can be stunned, rooted, or snared, but will not directly attack the defending players. Sapper NPCs can be healed by allied players. Sapper NPCs will display their positions at all times on the map, mini-map and also be supported by the new mini-map edge tracking functionality.
Destroying the Palace Door:
To destroy the Palace Door, the invaders need to capture at least one of the two closest objectives to the Palace. Capturing one of these final points will spawn siege NPCs that will do damage to the Palace Door until it breaks or time runs out. Players cannot damage the Palace Door directly, so taking one or both of these points is essential to winning this stage and taking out the Palace Door. The Door can be healed only by Tanks using the bulwark ability.

Altdorf: Capture The Library or the North Dock
IC: Capture The Lyceum or the The Outcrop
Capturing all of the points is not essential to winning this stage for the invaders, but it will give them additional time and give additional NPCs to damage the Palace Door.
The goal for the defenders is to prevent the destruction of the Palace Door. The defense is successful if the attackers run out of time. The default duration of this stage is 15 minutes, but the attackers can increase the time by capturing objectives as noted above.
After either side meets their winning condition, this stage ends and rewards are given out to each side. (See rewards section for more information on reward distribution.)

Stage 2: Warlords!
Duration: 30 Minutes
Invader's Win Condition: Escort Either Allied Warlord to the Palace Door
Defender's Win Condition: Escort Either Allied Warlord to the City Gates
Draw Condition: All Warlords Defeated
Reward Lockout Duration: Approximately 68 Hours (Real Time)

Brief Summary:
At this point in the City Siege, each side's Warlords will take to the field. The goal for either side during this stage is to escort a friendly Warlord to the other side's entrance.

Warlord Behavior:
Warlords will spawn at each side's camp and make their way along a path which ends at the other side's entrance.
Defending Realm Warlords that arrive at an objective that is owned by the enemy will stop and take over that objective for their side.
Invading Realm Warlords will continue to make their way to the Palace Door without stopping at objectives.
Warlords that arrive at an objective that is owned by their side will continue on toward the next objective.

If two opposing realm Warlords cross paths, they will stop all action and fight each other to the death.
Warlords will ignore combat initiated by players and concentrate only on objectives or opposing Warlords.

Warlords are not immune to any form of damage or crowd control, nor are they affected by Unstoppable or Immovable.
Warlords can be healed by friendly players.

If a Warlord arrives at the enemy gates, the stage will end and the realm associated with that Warlord will be declared the winner.Similar to the Sappers in Stage 1, Warlord NPCs will display their positions on the map, mini-map and also be supported by the new mini-map edge tracking functionality.

If the timer for this stage expires before any Warlords make it to the enemy gates or if all Warlords are defeated, the stage will be considered a draw. Both realms will receive rewards based upon their effort, but no PQ chest will be given. Regardless of a stalemate, the City Siege will then progress to Stage 3.

Stage 3
Duration: 30 Minutes
Invader's Win Condition: Defeat the Enemy King
Defender's Win Condition: Defeat the Enemy King
Reward Lockout Duration: Approximately 112 Hours (Real Time).

Brief Summary:
This is the final battle in the City Siege and involves the Kings of both Realms. Depending on who won Stage 2, the battle will occur at one of two locations.

If the invaders won or Stage 2 ended in a draw, the final battle will occur within the enemy King's palace.

If the defenders won, the final battle will occur at the main entrance to the City.

When the stage begins the Kings will call forth all of their combatants for a final rally to battle. During this preparation time, the King will explain the situation and call upon four players to serve as his champions in the battle to come.

Each King will select four players to serve as their champion.
Each King will be immune to all hostile effects while these champions are alive.
Champions are endowed with special abilities and powers to serve in this role.
Damage Dealt is greatly increased
Healing Done is greatly increased
Maximum Health is greatly increased
Cannot Guard or be Guarded
Damage Taken from Non-Champion Sources is greatly reduced
Healing Received from Non-Champion Sources is greatly reduced
Gains the stacking buff 'Building Reprisal' when struck with a critical strike at a maximum rate of once per 6 seconds and 10 total charges.
Gains a temporary DoT ability (Destruction: Tornado, Order: Comet - both lasting 20 seconds) that expends all charges of the 'Building Reprisal' buff.
Champions are chosen at random based on archetype. The selection method searches for players based upon acquired Wards. It prefers players with the most powerful Wards earned. In the event that no players of an archetype have Wards or all players of an archetype possess identical Wards, then selection for that archetype will become entirely random.
Tank (Black Orc, Chosen, Blackguard, Ironbreaker, Knight of the Blazing Sun, and Swordmaster)
Healer (Shaman, Zealot, Disciple of Khaine, Runepriest, Warrior Priest, and Archmage)
Melee DPS (Choppa, Marauder, Witch Elf, Slayer, Witch Hunter, and White Lion)
Ranged DPS (Squig Herder, Magus, Sorcerer, Bright Wizard, Engineer, and Shadow Warrior)
Each champion can only be assigned if a player of the appropriate archetype is present for that side. If no player exists for an archetype, that champion will count as a loss of that archetype.
Champions will need to remain near the King or they will lose the Champion buff and this will be counted as a loss of that champion.
Once all four champions have been defeated, the King will be vulnerable for attack.

During this stage, the number of objectives that each side controlled going into Stage 3 will affect the final battle. For each objective a side owns, that side will receive the following stackable bonus.
Damage Dealt increased by 2%
Healing Done increased by 2%
Once the final champion of a realm dies, their King will become vulnerable. Defeating the enemy king will result in a win for that realm. Once that occurs, defenders will no longer be able to respawn and the surviving King will clean house. At this point, both sides will be given their appropriate level of reward. (See rewards section for more information on reward distribution.)

If the timer for this stage expires before either King is killed, the invading King will call for a retreat. Both realms will receive rewards based upon their effort as if they lost.
1.4.0 - 11/02 November 2 2010
Open World Campaign
Due to the changes made to the Open RVR zone capture mechanics, the campaign will be reset for all servers. This will allow both sides to start on even footing and ensure that the new mechanics start equally.

Tier 4 Campaign:
Skaven Tunnels have been spotted throughout the Tier 4 campaign! Skaven forces have begun to take advantage of the fighting going on above them by emerging randomly during battles over contested zones and siphoning resources for themselves. When this occurs, qualified players from both realms will be able to enter the Skaven tunnels and fight to reclaim the resources, vanquish the Skaven bosses, and even find a means to employ Skaven forces towards their own victory in the contested zone. Note: Entrance to the Thanquol's Incursion Skaven RvR Dungeon is restricted to characters that are Renown Rank 65+.

Players that assist in fighting back Thanquol's Incursion during a contested zone battle will be able to help take over Skaven troops and use them to assist in the zone battle when the Incursion has been repelled. Play as Skaven will be unlocked for all players 15 minutes following activation of Skaven by participants in 'Thanquol's Incursion."

There will be a limited number of Skaven troops available within a lake. These slots are on a first-come, first-serve basis and limited to a set amount per battle. The available Skaven classes are: Gutter Runner, Engineer, Packmaster, and Rat Ogre. Each of these brings special abilities to the battle and complements each other.

While controlling a Skaven troop, the player takes on the form, abilities, and stats of the Skaven. Access to inventory or character screens are disabled. Any loot gained while in possession of the Skaven will show up when the player resumes control of their own character again.
Zone Capture

The following changes have been made to the Zone Capture Mechanics for all Tiers. New features and mechanics will follow this section.

When a zone becomes contested, it will now start with neutral battlefield objectives, one Order-owned keep, and one Destruction-owned keep. Note: This is a change for the Tier 4 contested zones that are closest to the cities as previously these zones would start with both keeps owned by the defending realm.

There are no longer NPC Guards, Sergeants, or Lords at any of the Keeps or Battlefield Objectives. These have been replaced by a single flag capture mechanic.

The lockout timer for all Battlefield Objectives has been reduced to 5 minutes.

Keeps may no longer be claimed by guilds.

Keep doors may now only be damaged by Rams and players currently controlling a Skaven Rat Ogre. Rams are now obtainable at Keep Rank 4. See the notes on Keep Leveling for more details.

Zone Domination Timers have been removed.

The Victory Point Pool as a victory condition has been removed.

Siege pads have been removed. Siege is now obtainable starting at Keep Rank 3 with additional Siege becoming available as the Keep increases in Rank. Siege obtained in this manner, aside from the Ram, can now be placed anywhere in the RvR Lake. Please see the notes on Keep Leveling and Siege Mechanics for more information.

Siege weaponry is not longer purchasable through Gold or Ordnance. Players now obtain Siege from their Realm's Keep once it reaches Keep Rank 3.

The Underdog system will now work in relation to the new zone mechanics detailed below.
New Zone Mechanics:

Battlefield Objectives have been modified in the following manners:
Capturing and holding a battlefield objective will now gather resources needed to level a keep. These resources are gathered over time and progress can be monitored on the map or new RVR tracker.
Resources are generated via a formula that takes into account rate of generation and Resource Carrier travel times. As a result, the further a Battle Field Objective is from the Warcamp, the more Resources the Resource Carrier will deliver upon completing its mission.

Once generated, the BO will spawn a Resource Carrier to take the Resources to either the Warcamp or the Keep of the owning Realm. Resources will not be credited to the realm until they arrive at either the Warcamp or Keep. If a Resource Carrier is killed by the enemy Realm before it can reach the Warcamp or Keep, the Resources will drop to the ground and either Realm can capture them for a reduced (25%) amount going to their resource pool.

Resource Carriers are combat-unresponsive and will not deter from their mission, but they can be killed. Resource Carriers are upgraded at Keep Rank 1 (Armored Resource Carrier) and 2 (Mounted Resource Carrier).
Resource Carriers for both Realms will show up on the map and mini-map tracker.
Resource Carriers will deliver resources to the Warcamp or Keep when given order or two minutes after spawning, whichever comes first.

Keeps have been modified in the following manners:
Players will now respawn inside their Keep. Once the inner Keep door has been destroyed, players will respawn at their Realm's Warcamp.

Resurrection is prohibited for enemy forces in the area around the keep until the outer door has been destroyed. This only applies to Tier 3 and 4 zones.

Claiming an enemy keep is now accomplished by successfully interacting with the enemy keep flag. This can only be accomplished once both the inner and outer Keep Doors have been destroyed.

Keep Doors may now only be damaged by Rams and players currently controlling a Skaven Rate Ogre. Rams are available at Keep Rank 4. (see below)

Leveling - Keeps will now level up based on Resource pools. As Resource Carriers successfully deliver Resources or enemy deliveries are intercepted, this pool will grow. The current progress of a Keep's Resource pool can be seen on the map and the new RVR Tracker. Once it reaches enough Resources, a Keep increase in Rank and new benefits will be made available. A list of benefits by Rank is as follows:

Rank 0 -Default level; Grants respawn at keep ability.

Rank 1 - Resource Carriers are now armored.

Rank 2 - Resource Carriers are now mounted.

Rank 3 - 2 aerial bombers are available 1 single-target siege weapon is available, & 2 multi-target siege weapons are available.

Rank 4 - Ram is available, 2 additional aerial bombers are available, 1 additional single target and 2 additional multi-target siege weapons are available.

Rank 5 -1 additional single target and 2 additional multi-target siege weapons are available.
Siege weapons are now available in limited quantity based on the Rank of the Keep. Siege weaponry will spawn at an upgraded Keep and may be carried and placed anywhere in the RvR Lake. Because of their limited nature and the need to place them by hand, these siege weapons are considerably more powerful than previous siege weapons.
Rams operate similarly to siege weapons except they may only be deployed in front of the enemy keep door.
Aerial Bombers are a new mechanic that will allow players to make a bombing run on the enemy keep. While on a bombing run, players will be granted two abilities.

Fire Bomb / Chaos Fire Bomb Lobs a fire bomb to the targeted location creating a pit of flame for 10 seconds dealing damage every 1 second to enemies who come within 22.5 feet.

A swift dismount that will hurl you to the targeted location.

There is now a Victory Point pool for each contested zone. Unlike its previous incarnation, Victory Points now refer to the pool of rewards that will be available to the winner and loser of a contested zone battle. This pool will begin with the winners gets the lion share of the rewards. As a battle wages on, the pool will push the winner and loser percentages closer together. There will always be an advantage for the winners in rewards, but if the losers hold out long enough they will be rewarded appropriately.

The victory conditions for the Tier 1 RvR Lake has been changed so that it now only requires a Realm to capture and own all of the Battlefield Objectives. Due to the nature of Tier 1, Battlefield Objective NPC Guards and Sergeants remain when a Battle Field Objective has been locked.
1.4.4 - 09/13 September 13 2011
Realm vs. Realm
General Changes
Roaming warcamp guards have been removed.

Resources Carriers that successfully reach the keep will now apply a heal to the keep doors that scales with the Against All Odds buff.

Players with deployable siege, including the ram, can no longer fly on Aerial Bombers.

As part of the campaign in Tiers 2-4, we've introduced the concept of a 'successful' keep defense. This mechanic will allow defenders to concentrate their defense for a specific goal and if they succeed, they will get a bonus that will allow them to push back and turn the tide of battle. Specific changes are detailed below.

A successful keep defense is triggered when the defenders destroy the attacking ram. When the ram is destroyed, the keep siege will briefly shift to a "Successful Defense" state to acknowledge the accomplishment.

Defenders in the keep area when a "Successful Defense" is triggered are awarded the Heroic Defender buff, granting them the power to push back the attacking force. Once the brief "Successful Defense" stage is over, the keep siege returns to its previous state.

The Heroic Defenderbuff is designed to give the defenders a brief, but significant, leg up on the attackers. This serves two purposes: first, it gives the defenders the power to push back the attackers, underscoring the successfulness of their defense; and second, it takes the place of a physical defense-reward, by giving the defenders the ability to carve their own reward out of the hides of their attackers.

The Heroic Defender Buff grants the following bonuses: Movement speed increase, incoming damage reduction, high resistance to incoming critical, increased chance of outgoing critical, and finally increased morale and AP gain. The Heroic Defender Buff will fade away quickly if the defender leaves the keep area.
Fixed an issue with siege weapons and critical damage application.

Ram strength and health have been modified by Tier.
Rams now have Armor Plating to absorbing incoming damage.

Doors have been modified by tier.

Keep Foremen have returned to the keeps and can be located in the lower floor of the keep proper. They only accept Ordnance and Medallions.

Bundles of wood can be purchased from Keep Foremen to repair keep doors.
New Outer Keep Doors (Tier 3 and 4) can be purchased from the Keep Foreman to replace a broken outer keep door.

The New Outer Keep Door replacement door can only be placed if the outer door is currently destroyed, there is no deployed ram at the inner door, and your realm owns the keep.

If a New Outer Keep Door is purchased, the Keep Foreman will attempt to place the door. However as they are construction workers and not warriors, they will stop work on the door if an enemy is nearby or attacking them. They will return to work if the enemy leaves or is dispatched.

If the Keep Foreman is killed before the door has been deployed, a new purchase will need to be made. No refunds on uncompleted construction! Defend your foreman.

If the Keep Foreman is able to successfully deploy a New Outer Keep Door, the keep siege will push back to the "defend outer door" stage. When this occurs, the inner door is not repaired automatically, but players can use bundles of wood to repair it.
1.4.6 - 06/05 5 June 2012
City Invasion
Based on feedback we’ve changed how the City Invasion mechanic works. Rather than multiple instances of the City Invasion potentially being ongoing and imbalanced, we’ve shifted the focus to a singular instance to promote more exciting battles. Details are as follows:

Only one new city-invasion instance will be created within a set amount of time.
The city invasion instance that is available will support 60 players of either realm. Once that number is met for a particular realm, no further reinforcements will be allowed.
Once a city-invasion has been concluded there will be a brief cool-down period of five minutes and then a new instance will be available, provided the city has not moved from the overall one- hour invasion period into the rebuilding phase.

1.4.7 - 10/18 October 18 2012

Realm versus Realm
Contested Cities
City populations have been lowered to 36v36.
Cities will now be limited to 3 active scenarios per contested cycle.
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