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MSH Sharp Toofs

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MSH Sharp Toofs

Post#1 » Fri Jun 18, 2021 4:28 pm

The 3 point tactic "Sharp Toofs" in the tree "Path of Bouncin" has become useless with the recent patches.

The tactic used to incease the initial burst of "Git Em" and reduced the ap costs. It was a nice tactic for st MSH.

Then the change came which made the tactic a tool for aoe dmg: If used it made "Git em" an aoe ability with reduced ap costs. As far as I know the tactic wasnt used by the SH community.
Now with "Bounce" as a filler aoe for "Big Bouncin" the tactic is even more useless than before.

My suggestion is to revert it back to the old effect for more ST burst or follow the path of recent patches and make it more viable for aoe dmg. Maybe a armor pen tactic with reduced ap costs for "Bounce" and "Big Bouncin" like the one which WL and Mara have?

These are just two ideas and I would like to hear other suggestions what we could do with this tactic for the MSH.

Edit: After playing WL in city I got antoher idea. What about a tactic with a small aoe dot like the tactic from WL "tearing blade".
AP has become a big problem with bounce and big bouncin for aoe dmg. The ap reduction from above would make sense or a tactic with ap regen on crit maybe.


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