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SW Synergia

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SW Synergia

Post#1 » Mon Jun 21, 2021 4:30 pm

So, just got back to my sw and decide to do this post to throw some ideias.

Since the last work on sw, asw got a really big nerf (bha was removed from the rotation), and aoe rsw got a really nice rework (but order still dont like sws for city/rvr aoe grps).

The intention here is to give some ideas to improve synergia between instances, cause nowdays, each class has the own style and are not supose to be like there mirror.

With that in mind, here we go:

-Swift Strikes.
As it is now. This skill has a very low base dmg and give somekind of movement speed as u hit your enemy (not sure if it is working propaply, cause there is no word of this at the tooltip)

How it should be. Most of mdps class has a realiable channeling skill, but sw dont. So, that base dmg should be increase and removed that movement speed buff that is useless. The vengefull bonus should give to this attack a spirit base dmg.

-Tatic Keen Arrowhead.
As it is now. Increses bha, flame arrow and takedown duration. There is no point sloting this tatic, it is preatty useless how is it now. This dots are removeble by doks and shamys, whats the point on incresing there duration?

How it should be. Flanking strike can be use in any position and when u are vengeful deals spirt dmg. This will give skirmish sw a more viable build with a proper finisher.

-Flame Arrow.
Should be useable on scout istance too, as it was. There is a tatic on scout tree that improves this ability, but sws cant use it on scout instance, what does not make any sense.

-Tatic Guerrilla Traning.
Increase the movement speed from 20% to 30%. With that, this tatic will be more usefull if a sw wants to try kiting build with skirmish and scout.

-Whirling Pin.
Not sure if this supose to happen, but ppl can usually interromp this ability. And, beside that, every single classe on destro side can counter it (choppas and marauders pull/charge, we shadow p. ability, chosen can stag u in the air)

Since the devs want to make each class unique, my propose is that this ability becomes a single target knock back with low base dmg, if u are vengeful becomes a aoe kb.

This is it.
Feel free to roast or like it.


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