Jewelry for Sheild DoK

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Jewelry for Sheild DoK

Post#1 » Tue Aug 24, 2021 5:52 pm

Is there any chance the Genesis Everlasting set, or the Bulwark set might be opened up for DoK/WP? The jewelry options for lifetap specs are lacking compared to other specs. A melee healer's best set pre Sov is the Vale Walker set. Again thanks for that addition! However, as mentioned elsewhere, the jewelry is slot 3 making it the only set that cannot enjoy a jewelry bonus and epic talismans. Since VW block is available with 5+ pieces to make set combos the choices are lose the block bonus from VW or lose the block bonus from Epic Talismans. Most other sets can be combined and keep epic talismans because of the lack of slot 3 restrictions.

The combinations that don't sacrifice block are:
[*]Beastlord thanks to pocket item- a great combo but "low level"
[*]2pc bonus from Bloodlord cloak and 1 item
[*]Geneisis Warrior - decent 2pc set but gives AP on the cloak

Rough Gunbad diamond helps some, but there are no epic level gears or jewelry sets that offer Block bonuses for this class.

Enemy damage resistance lowers healing capacity, spec too offensive and you drop fast. Melee healer has to be in range and melee and often ranged enemies. The other option is to channel a suicidal heal and cycle career resource ability with few class tools to heal oneself back up (the HoT can help offset maybe 2k health if you don't use direct heal reduction tactics).

The spec is generally considered "unviable" until end game gear. In a melee ball it works pretty well but it's hard to stand on the front line in RvR. Maybe a few tweaks could offset that some.

Thanks for your time!

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