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A small suggestion for Stronghold Saga event

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A small suggestion for Stronghold Saga event

Post#1 » Mon Oct 11, 2021 12:16 am

Meant to make this thread a week ago but got caught up in other things and forgot about it. Anyway.

I've heard that the idea for the event was that it should be long and epic journey for your main character only. The hard tasks and relic hunting support that, however i think the way the final rewards are given goes directly opposite against that idea.
For completing an event you get one token for one item. You can send the token to an alt, but you still only get one item as its consumed on purchase. This means that if you want the cosmetic item on more than one character - you still need to complete the whole event part on more than one character. And it kind of changes the event vibe from one epic journey, to a long and often frustrating grind - especially in T1 and T2 areas which have very low activity uptime and getting the RvR tasks done can take a very long time. GoE and Ironclad also pop very rarely.

My main suggestion is fairly simple: make the ultimate rewards - the cosmetic items themselves - account bound.
That way you can simply send the Off-hand or the Cloak to your alt to apply the appearance, without having to re-grind the whole event. It will play into the idea of doing the event on your main only, as the item would still be usable on your alts, so thats good.

However it would've been even better if these cosmetic items were handled as ToK unlock rewards (while also being account bound) so you could claim them multiple times and without worrying about race restrictions and without having to hold even more items in our banks, which are already filled to the brim with alternative gear and cosmetics.
How best to do it in the current situation im not sure, maybe the items themselves could give ToK unlocks to get other variants from the vendor/librarian, maybe it could be based aroun event completion achievement...

A couple other suggestions:
- Maybe prolong all 3 parts until the same final date as the last part, so that people who are coming late, or who came in after the new City hype still have enough time to complete them.
- Add a Renown gain bonus to T1 and T2 zones, and put them on a 1-2 hour lock rotation separate from Campaign. The RR bonus will create a small persistent incentive for people to go there, and the lockout will create focused periods of increased activity so that its more fun and engaging for everyone.

Thanks for reading, hoping it wasn't too late :)
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