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Consolidate Quests and make them Weekly

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Consolidate Quests and make them Weekly

Post#1 » Thu Nov 04, 2021 12:47 am

This post was prompted by an unfinished quest kill quest in a zone that i haven't seen for weeks. Just some ideas to get rid of the sheer number of quests and some thoughts on how to make them achievable for the underdog.

Keep Defense Quests.

Every Keep Lord has a quest to defend the keep. In fact it just a quest to kill X players in and around that Keep. Why not roll all these quests into one weekly quest where kills in around any keep give credit.

Zone Kill Quests.

Every WC has a quest to kill X players in that zone. Hard to complete if you constantly miss that zone due to the game progressing to higher tiers when you log on. Again, roll them all into one so that any kill in any zone gives credit.

Kill Quests.

These are those "special" quests such as War is upon us, The shame of war and others ( not sure of the Destro equivalent ) they award gold and the "seal of the exemplar" and the "seal of the paragon". They require the killing of X number of each particular enemy race. Roll them together into a mega quest that gives a large gold reward and adds all the seals together for a larger seal reward.

These new quests would be available weekly. if you finish them in 4 days you have to wait another 3 till they are available again. If you don't complete them in the week you don't fail the quests you just hand in when you're done and can pick them up again immediately.


Perhaps one quest could reward an event slot item similar to the SC one and it lasts 7 days. Another could offer a token for the current set you are working on or the next one up if you have completed your current set ( its one a week - its not going shave months of the inv/sov grind ).

Making it work for the underdog:

Credit for kill quests would be proportional to the AAO at the time of the kill. If the AAO means you are outnumbered 2:1 then 1 kill counts as 2 kills towards your quest goal. At 3:1 1 kill counts as 3 and so on

Anyway go for lives - rip it apart - expose the negatives I've not thought of. Apologies for the formatting - not my strong suit.


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