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[Fort] make the attacker / defender scale by the stars of the city

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[Fort] make the attacker / defender scale by the stars of the city

Post#1 » Wed Nov 10, 2021 9:01 am

so i was thinking about a anti-zerg mechanic, to counter people staying on one side and farm the other side daily.

The starting point:
One realm capital (Capital I) has 5* and the other one (Capital II) is on 1* max 2*. The Capital II get's sieged nearly on cooldown.

For every Star your capital has
- The amount of slots (attacker or defender ) for the opposite side increases by 5
- The amount of slots (attacker or defender ) for your side decreases by 5

Example: Capital I has 5* and Capital II has 1*, a fort get's sieged, normally the maximum for players is: 168 Attackers vs 135 Defenders
now Capital I: 5* Capital II: 1* Attackers:148 Defenders:155

Here are all combinations:
Capital I: 1*
  • Capital II: 1* Attackers:168 Defenders:135
  • Capital II: 2* Attackers:173 Defenders:130
  • Capital II: 3* Attackers:178 Defenders:125
  • Capital II: 4* Attackers:183 Defenders:120
  • Capital II: 5* Attackers:188 Defenders:115
Capital I: 2*
  • Capital II: 1* Attackers:163 Defenders:140
  • Capital II: 2* Attackers:168 Defenders:135
  • Capital II: 3* Attackers:173 Defenders:130
  • Capital II: 4* Attackers:178 Defenders:125
  • Capital II: 5* Attackers:183 Defenders:120
Capital I: 3*
  • Capital II: 1* Attackers:158 Defenders:145
  • Capital II: 2* Attackers:163 Defenders:140
  • Capital II: 3* Attackers:168 Defenders:135
  • Capital II: 4* Attackers:173 Defenders:130
  • Capital II: 5* Attackers:178 Defenders:125
Capital I: 4*
  • Capital II: 1* Attackers:153 Defenders:150
  • Capital II: 2* Attackers:158 Defenders:145
  • Capital II: 3* Attackers:163 Defenders:140
  • Capital II: 4* Attackers:168 Defenders:135
  • Capital II: 5* Attackers:173 Defenders:130
Capital I: 5*
  • Capital II: 1* Attackers:148 Defenders:155
  • Capital II: 2* Attackers:153 Defenders:150
  • Capital II: 3* Attackers:158 Defenders:145
  • Capital II: 4* Attackers:163 Defenders:140
  • Capital II: 5* Attackers:168 Defenders:135
Let me know what you think,
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