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My fix to "endless" zones.

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My fix to "endless" zones.

Post#1 » Thu Sep 22, 2022 5:21 am

The problem

Since I started this game (7 months ago). It's not very common but every now and then we get stuck on a single pairing (for the new players a pairing is a set of zones in either the Dwarf vs greenskins, empire vs chaos, or dark elves vs high elves.) on certain zones like Eataine, Ostland, Praag are a few bad offenders. Where we get a single zone going on for 3+ hours and it only finally ends after one side gets fed up and logs out so the other can seige. It can feel really bad so I think we should put an "artificial" cap on how long a zone can go on.

The current mechanics

Zones currently have two win conditions either take the enemy keep or reach 5 stars on your keep. You have to capture battle objectives let's call them BO's moving forward. You need two BO's to generate boxes until 3 stars and past that you need three BO's to generate them to 5 stars. (from my current understanding) Turning in a box to a keep currently will generate progress on the bar for a keep each time you fill the bar your keep will get 1 star, and this bar gets harder to fill the higher star your keep is. If the enemy faction caps all BO's for a period of time this progress will be reset so say you're about to reach 3 stars you will be reset back to two.

My soulution

On top of boxes giving contribution, I think BO's should passively generate progress for keeps at for argument's sake let's say at 25% of the rate of running boxes would per BO. This would help progress zones naturally and assuming one side didn't get progress reset would make zones fluidly end so zones wouldn't be locked in a stalemate for hours.

The hopeful outcome

This would give an added impact of importance to capping every BO it would make every point have a big impact on the overall battlefield. This would help in breaking up groups to fight "blobbing". So assuming things play out as predicted. A zone like eaetine usually is just 1-2 warbands running from one war camp to the next trying to control the two BO's on either side of the war camps while the two outside points remain mostly untouched. This would give importance to maintaining control of the outside points hopefully breaking up the core blob. Even in off zones when we're on a double pairing it would give a sense of importance for solo players or small groups to prep a zone with this system everyone would have a role to play. This would add more depth to each zone on top forcing more 5-star win conditions for the stalemate zones.

Closing thoguhts

This is a rough draft idea and I think it's a step in the right direction that can be approved on. I'd love to hear what some of you guys think. How would you improve this idea or fix the problem? Lets keep it constructive! Love to hear what you guys come up with!
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Re: My fix to "endless" zones.

Post#2 » Thu Sep 22, 2022 7:52 am

totally agree, BOs have to play bigger role in RvR not only as box vendors.

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Re: My fix to "endless" zones.

Post#3 » Thu Sep 22, 2022 9:33 am

battlegrounds should be more impactfull to the game yes

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Re: My fix to "endless" zones.

Post#4 » Thu Sep 22, 2022 12:05 pm

I do agree and add my proposal of giving BO's certain buffes and roles inside each battlefield:

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Re: My fix to "endless" zones.

Post#5 » Thu Sep 22, 2022 2:02 pm

agree aswell
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Re: My fix to "endless" zones.

Post#6 » Thu Sep 22, 2022 2:34 pm

yeah could easily give bonuses to BFO, our in the vicinity of said BFO. Renown Gain / Exp / Influence / Heath Regen / AP regen / Morale Gain. Cap BFO, get 10 min buff of something random sort of like what the Event buffs are doing. As much as I like PVP, i think you could probably reintroduce strong NPC in the zones that spawn around BFO, or in the Keep for defense

Attacking a Keep, damaged increased per BFO controlled.
Defending a Keep, double HP on Oil, or shortened respawn rate based on # of BFO's controlled, or increased HP of doors etc.
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Re: My fix to "endless" zones.

Post#7 » Fri Sep 23, 2022 5:25 am

I think its a good idea.

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Re: My fix to "endless" zones.

Post#8 » Fri Sep 23, 2022 5:46 am

I disagree only because its Jordys' idea and not mine.
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Re: My fix to "endless" zones.

Post#9 » Fri Sep 23, 2022 6:54 am

Toshutkidup wrote: Fri Sep 23, 2022 5:46 am I disagree only because its Jordys' idea and not mine.
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Re: My fix to "endless" zones.

Post#10 » Fri Sep 23, 2022 8:15 am

I agree that BFO need to play a bigger role in ORVR as well as Scenarios. However IF BFO give exp/rr/inf buffs, contribution to keep stars therefore to the player as well...

We have seen alot of proposal in the past and good ones like this one... but i will play devils advocate to this one and these are some fo the negatives that might happen from doing this:

As it stand (for my time zone, EU prime time) only a few defend /siege a keep and then we have complains for PVdoor, low RR and boring game play.

Possible scenarios for this BFO upgrade:

1. Star move too fast on the keeps resulting in no defender in the keep. IF the keep levels fast and people dont have "enough" time to response to the leveling there is a chance that they will be no one in the keep as they will be cutoff from the attacking forces. Resulting in boring siege, low RR gains for those in the siege while the roaming WB will benefit and possible force other to say why siege and not roam to get more RR..resulting in slow sieges endless maps until they are no more kills and one side get bored and sieges to change map out of boredom.

2.People will cap BFO during siege to get more RR/EXP/INF and buff the siege weapons are suggested here and more will go to kill them for the same reason leaving minimum amounts to siege / defend. This might have the opposite effect that move the map forward. They will keep chasing kills in BFO to get max RR/EXP/INF and not siege.

3. Assuming that one side might want to siege.. and the other wants to stay on the BFO for gains and a siege starts with less than what is needed to siege then this will result in example the defender rushign the small numbers of the attackers and wiping them. Side effet of this will be alot fo complains ..why you dont help to siege, etc... and possible intersify ex-realming.

4. Sceanrios playing a bigger role in ORVR...sure i love Sc. Never the less this will take people from the lakes and it will good to control the blobing. However in NA times that the server population is less than 350 this might result in not enough number to siege or to have that 20% most are looking for to start a siege. Further more this could result in the usual complains premades Vs pug situation. This could either make pepel group up which i hope for but most likely it will make people not play and roams around BFO to get RR/EXP/INF.

5. Taking in consideration that alot of people (not all) like to play is all the about are true then i would expec to see an increase in solo roaming classes and/ or grouping of those creating the usual aggrevations for the smae class grouping.

6. All that will result in new player bad experience?.

I would like remind the newer member that once upon a time the BFO where giving 2RR every 2-4 sec while standing there... and we have peopel afking there, been ganged , respawn and come back 24/7 resulting in boring play on both sides. IF BFO give contribution and u get RR with the lock them a similar effect might happen.

I don't have any better ideas of how to fix the progress. I want to be honest on this. I just htought i should share my view of how the comunity will respond to such change with the current mendality that i see after been in the server for 8 years. These are all people problems not game mechanics and that is why is hard to fix. It is hard to create a system that people will not abuse or take the path of least ressistance, screwing everyone else on the way. IF i missed some points as i tried to reply to all that expressed their opinions in the post at the time of my reply. I honestly hope that a new system is implemented to help with current issues.. and i hope that people will keep putting their dieas here to discuss them and refine them together for the benefit of us all.

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