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Older WAR players

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Re: Older WAR players

Post#11 » Tue May 31, 2022 12:42 pm

Oi Oi Grand players... I m 48 and I prefer this MMO against other du to atmosphere and due to Warhammer lore...

On live long ago I did order, but to be honest graphic of the destro is incredible nice - especially Orcs

No much time like when I was young, but 1 hour by day is pretty fun experience...

I wish devs. to keep it in live till i will retire because then I wont spend much more time with it :-)

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Re: Older WAR players

Post#12 » Tue May 31, 2022 1:54 pm

Hello, 45 old here, im not big faan of RoR , honsetly prefer AoR live, but maybe was a little less busy the now.
Sooner or late this game will be behinde my prange cos gathering partys take to much time

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Re: Older WAR players

Post#13 » Wed Jun 22, 2022 12:37 pm


this month i´m gonna be 45 years old.

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Re: Older WAR players

Post#14 » Wed Jun 22, 2022 2:59 pm

32 here so not old but played AoR from first to last Day. Had 2 accounts to have both order and destro chars on same server with guildies & alliance. Was Fun to see how good//Bad old Friends & Enemies played And Vice Versa, And to play all classes you want. Loved DD WP MARA WE BLORC BW SHAMMY WL SH CHOPPA WH SLAYER SM ZEALOT MAGUS. Played Solo on every char alot and those were all at least rr 80. It gave better understanding of The classes, RVR and of The whole PvP mechanics , and how both sides used biased arguments because of only playing 1 side. Im sure most old AoR players would prefer rr 80 AoR without permanent lotd tallies to RoR. Still love RoR though after GCD changes has def been less enjoyable and interactive:/ Im pretty sure AoR allowed skill to be used at 1.15 seconds, if earlier or a bit later it would lock and always Be 1.5 seconds.

WL used to have 10sec Snare with 5 sec CD, maybe because Goblins or because WL was supposed to be Tank & SM Dps. Either way it was natural counter to Goblins. Mid-Air Pounce & Pouncing on Keep walls/Higher Ground was so much fun(My Favourite Mdps along Dps WP) and Pounce did dmg like 1s after landing(and could crit) so you could time it with CS. Pet Useful! Still on your side after Keep Wall Pounce while getting grp buffs and heals! LF did Crit dmg and Pet did more Dmg as well and Fetch was Useful. It was so much smoother compared to RoR because Pathfinding changes i quess.

SM having Absorb Bellow & Aethyric Armour(?) Which stacked with Armour pot making it kind of Natural Counter to Melee DoK's. Double Spirit Debuff with WoH+Bellow. Blorc's having THC with shield and doing respectable dmg, something that i remember very many loved about BO and played Shield BO because of it. BO also had 250+ WS Buff with Tactic!

WE could have Double Kiss hits on Finisher's which is probably why they hit 2 times and do less dmg than bullets. Proc dmg came before skill dmg, That is why in AoR BO/SM Skull Thumper/Blurring Shock did dmg on application if the skill did critical dmg. This is only 1 example there are maaany. There were no ICD in procs only on Riposte 1s but it could crit. WB/LF had 0.5s ICD but they did not trigger GCD and could do critical dmg. Kotbs had core Runefang, 2H Vigilance and Mighty soul Turning dmg to Elemntal in 1 Tree and very good Reflecting Dmg Build. Also kind of a counter to Melee Dok's.

And BW's Flame of Rhuin Applied on Ability Activation which made Crown of Fire NICE when your whole grp procs it on 3/4 skills they use on enemy, didnt have to do dmg and could be applied even if skill missed. Rampage didnt ignore Morale avoidances or go thru guard dmg undefendable. AoR had more depth in gameplay tactics, more "classes"/Differences in "Mirrors" spec's, Very useful Procs wpns/set bonuses that added huge amount of variety among all classes (RoR should adopt this because "Chance to do 300+ dmg to target on hit" or " 2% Chance to deal 450dmg in 9 seconds for being hit) as Healer's wpn proc is just more that could be changed easily with great results. There was time in RoR when T4 Epic Quests wpns had alot more options for all classes.

Speaking about options. There were much more options as Appearances in Aor. Every Class had some pieces that allowed GREAT results using Opposite Faction Gear and it was on same model skeleton so it didnt stand out in anyway that didnt work. Greenskins & Dwarf's got gear that was someone in their own tribe with equally GREAT results. There were Aoe Heal debuffs and 9 aoe cap! Chosen got Crippling Strikes taken away granted it is very good "when you do critical dmg target does 25% less dmg for 10 seconds" and there was CC with Consequences like 9sec (y too long 6 sec would be better) aoe stagger = More ways to land a kill than punt guardin tank away? YES PLS! 9 Aoe cap needed with ICD Removed/05s max so there could be new killing tactics, not just puntin guarding tank away.

Now there is no Counter to Goblins because WL dont have 10 sec snare or Pounce in useful way with critting dmg/delay and pet actually being on your target when you land. There is no Aoe HD not much tactics used in rvr because simplification and 24 aoe cap is ruining all possibities there should be. There is Kind No Natural counter to Shield WP/DoK EXCEPT 24 ae cap... Which makes it impossible to do big RvR fights.
"To clarify, me asking to developers to go test their own changes is not sign of toxicity or anger, but a sign of hope that the people punching in the numbers remain aware of potential consequences and test their own changes"-Teefz

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