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Past Live Events Overview

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Past Live Events Overview

Post#1 » Sun Feb 07, 2016 1:26 pm

An little overview over the past Live Events and their rewards on Return of Reckoning.


Name: "Christmas Event"
Link: ... ilit=merry


- Mantle of the Fireborn (appearance only)

Status & Date: locked 24.12.2014 - 04.01.2015

Name: "Night of Murder"
Link: ... =19&t=2506


- Cloak of the Pegasus (appearance only)
- 5x different "... Cloak of the Lover" (these T1 cloaks with different stats were dropping from special NPC in the T1 RvR area)

Status & Date: locked 12.02.2015 - 22.02.2015

Name: "Eternal Bond - The Missing Maiden"
Link: ... =19&t=3945


- 5x Healing Potions (repeatable Quest which was changed to Scout's Medaillons later)
- Bottomless Bowl of Custard
- 1. Birthday Cloak (different appearance only cloaks for Order and Destruction)
- 4x different "Chain of Eternal Bond" (they are T2 jewels with different stats)

Status & Date: running 16.06.2015 - ... (open end)

Name: "Minions of the Under-Empire: Skaventide"
Link: ... =19&t=9235


- Skaven Trophy (appearance only)
- Skaven Cloak (appearance only)
- Scroll of the Capital City (teleporter)
- 20x Common Firework
- 10x Impressive Firework
- 5x Magnificent Firework
- 3x Skaven Token -> a special appearance only pet (Order: "Imperial Hunting Hound" & Destruction: "Warlord's Fell Hound")

Status & Date: running 18.12.2015 - ... (open end)
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Re: Past Live Events Overview

Post#2 » Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:35 pm ... f=8&t=7494 <-- For visuals on 'Mantle of the Fireborn' and 'Cloak of the Pegasus'.
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Re: Past Live Events Overview

Post#3 » Sun Jun 12, 2016 11:27 am

Name: The Slayer Chronicles and Raiders 'o Da Lost Waaaagh!

Link: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=14653


- x12 realm oriented dyes with a racial theme
- 2. Birthday Cloak (different appearance-only cloaks for Order and Destruction)
- a choice of the following:
Aviator Goggles (appearance only)
Kossar's Helm (appearance only + bear illusion buff that lasts for 5 minutes)
Steel Armored Mite (vanity pet for Destruction) and Sandy Drumming Bear (vanity pet for Order)

Status & Date: running 11.06.2016 - 25.06.2016

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