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[Guide] Dem Bonez, Dem Lovely Bonez

Get organized here and slay that monster, or challenge your enemy to an epic battle on the battlefield.

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[Guide] Dem Bonez, Dem Lovely Bonez

Post#1 » Sun Sep 26, 2021 10:54 am

How to Obtain:
Click the Staked Skull in the SE corner of the Temple of Mork, in Da Deppz (21.6K, 36.4K)

Little WAAAGH's Teef (Doesn't seem to do anything, but is worth 20g)

Da Deepz
Clue 1: "Mork sez Write, so write I does ....."
Da 'Ungry Troll (29.5K, 43.1K)

Clue 2: "As I wuz sayin, look at wutt dese stunties ....."
Da Beast Pens (17.6K, 42.3K)

Clue 3: "Ah I remember now! You can take a horse ....."
Weaponz Hall (30.4K, 33.4K)

Clue 4: "Dem Stunties, tried to hide dis hall ....."
Dem Dark Places (38.K, 34.1K)

Clue 5: "Just fink about it for a moment get ....."
Hammerin Hall (17K, 31K)

Clue 6: "I know, I know we'z been ere before and seen ....."
Squig Nursery (16.8K, 50K)

Clue 7: "Bounce bounce bounce, How much happier da ....."
Poison Halls (34K, 46.4K)

Clue 8: "You fink dat da stunties ever fought ....."
Ratbreaka Stand (27K, 22K)

Clue 9: "Oh dose ratters don't know wut we got ....."
Rat Ridge (26.4K 5K)

Karak Eight Peaks
Clue 9: "All dis fightin' all dese years...some gits ....."
Stunty Diggin Pit (22.7K, 36K)

Clue 10: "Dese lazt louts betta dig for da WAAAGH! ....."
Big Bosses Hall (32K, 40K)

Clue 11: "Wut a sight, wut a sight! Not e'en da ....."
Temple of Gork (41.5K, 37.8K)

Clue 12: "Yeah yeah yeah, dis is where we blasted ....."
Da Great Green Hall (32K, 14K)

Clue 13: "Oh mighty Big WAAAGH how you tore ....."
Big Bosses Hall (25.6K, 26K)

Clue 14: "Oh wut a room you know how much we gits ....."
@23.4K, 32K there is a Career Trainer called Krisros, next to a cauldron.
You need to jump on to the ledge behind the cauldron and follow it up to the buiulding.
On the left of the building is the cooking pot you need to complete the quest.

Special thanks to:
Teeflotta, who helped me out with a lot of these clues and a certain Zealot who found the final location, sorry can't remember your name :(

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Re: [Guide] Dem Bonez, Dem Lovely Bonez

Post#2 » Tue Sep 28, 2021 9:32 pm

Clue 8: "You fink dat da stunties ever fought ....."
Ratbreaka Stand (27K, 22K)
To save future readers from spending an hour running about inside the building: it's just outside it by the rear postern to the north :)
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Re: [Guide] Dem Bonez, Dem Lovely Bonez

Post#3 » Thu Oct 21, 2021 9:34 am

TY last part was kicking my A**
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