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Screenshot of the Month

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Screenshot of the Month

Post#1 » Wed Apr 03, 2024 6:31 pm

Screenshot of the Month
Hi everyone,

Our Screenshot of the Month Event is also making a return!

As per tradition, the Event will be held on the Official Return of Reckoning Discord, in the designated "Aesthetic-vibe" Channel where you can all submit your chosen Screenshots and share them with us!

The main platform for this event is our Return of Reckoning Discord Server so if you are interested please join:

Each time a Screenshot of the Month will be held, it will only be announced on the Discord Server, so joining is very important to stay up-to-date, but we will keep bumping this channel for visibility on the forums, by sharing the winners each time we hold a SotM.

Themes & Rules

For our first returning Screenshot of the Month, there will be no special Theme involved - but in the future we'll come up with special themes you'll have to design your entries around. If you have a great idea for a theme, also feel free to let us know. :mrgreen:

Rules for Entries :

- All screenshots must have been taken by you.
- All screenshots must be in-game content.
- Minor editing is allowed, but be mindful and don't overdo it.
- Multiple entries are permitted.
- All screenshots must be taken within the month of entry. (i.e old screenshots cannot be reused)
- UI must be hidden.

Screenshot of the Month Events are open until the 21st of the Month we announce them in, after which they will be closed for further entries to give us proper time reviewing all of them and announcing the winner by the end of the month.

Please make sure you send in your entries until then!


We've also not forgotten about rewards! The best Screenshot of the Month will receive 250 Gold on our first returning occasion but in the future this reward may change, which we'll always clearly state in our Discord Announcements!

Please note that screenshots may be shared across our social media platforms. And we reserve the right to change participation rules on and as and where necessary basis.

Read more in our official Return of Reckoning Discord Server:



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