What you accept about this project before you start playing.

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What you accept about this project before you start playing.

Post#1 » Sun Sep 25, 2016 11:13 am

- The live server for this project is both a general play server and the major test server. We can and will push untested code to the main server. Issues will arise as a result, and you must accept this. Complaints about this are not welcome.

- This project is it its alpha stage. This is not an excuse - it means that the server is not feature complete, that bugs exist and that major changes to aspects of the game may occur, including resets and rollbacks as and when necessary. Complaints about this are not welcome. Anyone stating that alpha status is an excuse will be moderated.

- The staff work to their own priority lists. This is because they have the right, as contributors, to do what they want and not what you might want them to do, and because they know better than you what can be fixed at any given time. Complaints about staff priorities are not welcome.

- Your viewpoint on the game and that of the staff may differ, and you must accept that. The general outlook of the team on the game leans progressive, not conservative. We intend to make changes to some areas of the game. We are not interested, at all, in hearing about how this violates your nostalgia or senses of traditionalism and conservatism. Much like the real world, there are wide differences of opinion in how we should progress, and we will not yield to those who disagree with us being disruptive in an attempt to change our way.

If you suffer from any of the following issues:
  • Inability to reconcile the difference between the viewpoint of the team and your own viewpoint in a mature manner
  • Inability to respect the team enough to accept their right to make changes
  • Inability to criticise changes directly, instead complaining about changes having been made per se because you didn't want the original game to change at all, no matter how (appealing to tradition)
then you are not welcome here.

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