Loot bags and their missing items

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Loot bags and their missing items

Post#1 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 11:54 pm

Hi Everyone

The GM team have been, with the release of new conqueror and subjugator items and the shift of genesis from purple to blue bags, receiving a sizable increase in reports of:

a) Loot bags from zone locks missing items upon collection from the chest
b) loot bags received in the mail not missing items upon collection
c) loot bags not being delivered via the mail system

The staff have looked into the code and found that:
The code was checked and works fine the vast majority of the time. Keep loot was also checked, all the items are assigned correctly with proper requirements, unfortunately that is the end of the system involved. Whether some unknown packet issue exists that causes players to bug out isn't something we can easily fix, or understand.

As a result, our official position is that we don't compensate loss of items through the mail system or failed results of loot rolls. It's frustrating, it can happen to anyone, but I hope you understand.

- Gerv
Sia - DoK - Lords
Boyd - WP - O.S.

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