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Reintroductions and reflections.

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Re: Reintroductions and reflections.

Post#111 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 8:32 am

Hello i read all post of Azarael very carefully and im think that a very wise and have a many promising conclusions.
I think everyone of DEVS or players wanna see RoR on full readiness. And i personally like changes, cos changes are life and stagnation is dead.

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Re: Reintroductions and reflections.

Post#112 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 8:32 am

peterthepan3 wrote:
Sun Jul 29, 2018 8:02 pm
Aside: Curious as to when changes pertaining to Magus/Engineer rendered the classes overperforming, as I feel that's incorrect. The changes made an underperforming class somewhat more viable and functional as a ST DPS...but to do so requires being stationary in a mobile game.
Maybe some more range? One can dream :mrgreen:

Welcome back, Aza. PM send.
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Re: Reintroductions and reflections.

Post#113 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 8:36 am

Welcome Back.

As an old chosen player, I am ashamed that no warbands would take me with a 2hander becuase of crippling strike nerf.
I was like okay, goin for SnB then I realized that knockback tactic was also changed. So you only get CD reduction while using a 2hander, which is really silly in my honest humble opinion.
Crowd Controll should not been taken away from tanks, thats the only fun you get other then protecting you team.
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Re: Reintroductions and reflections.

Post#114 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 8:49 am

Azarael wrote:
Sat Jul 28, 2018 5:40 pm
Welp, I'm a bit late to this party.
I'd say, I was the one who actually thought you were kidding about never ever coming back.

Back during the unexpected Q&A, you did try to sound like someone who has moved on with his life and left RoR in the past - but as the hours went on you seemed more and more concerned with the state of this truly beloved project.
Someone can't just turn his back on his passion.

It's good to see you are back, my friend. The project was handled... well... how to say, differently in your absence. Some ups and some downs, latter being on the community management side mostly. But you all know that anyway - that's why you are here.

Even thought, I myself have lost a bit of faith in the project, warhammer online is still probably the greatest passion of mine, hopefully by the time you bring RoR to its second golden age - I'll be the one to experience it.
For now, I'm on the usual "half a year" break, but still would like to welcome you back and wish you all the best.

And one more thing:
I ask the permission to publicly share the "23/03/18 Q&A with Azarael" vod, all 4 hours of it, as I think it would be beneficial for everyone to hear honest thoughts on the state of the game, server, balance and other issues.

Yep, the discussion was heated at times, namecalling here and there, sometimes bordeline being not that respectful to pretty much everyone involved with the server one way or the other, hence why I ask. We all know honesty has its price.

I haven't shared it with anyone yet, so it your call
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Re: Reintroductions and reflections.

Post#115 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:41 am

With respect to the VOD, I do not recall exactly what was said, and it will most likely:

a) retread old ground for no good reason
b) provide opinions which are out of date and not based on a complete knowledge of the facts, as I was not part of the RoR team at the time.

I'd view posting it as unnecessary.

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Re: Reintroductions and reflections.

Post#116 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 9:51 am

Very well then.
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Re: Reintroductions and reflections.

Post#117 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:10 am

Good news. Thanks ;)

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Re: Reintroductions and reflections.

Post#118 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:23 am

One thing to note in this thread about community feelings and unhappiness in general.
When someone , and that is anyone in the past and future makes a decision on anything significant there will be fans , indifferent and haters.
Someone will have that role , someone has had that role and sh*t tends to be aimed at that role regardless of how well they do , what they say etc.
So when looking back remember things need to be done and decision need to be made regardless of haters and fans .
Welcome back to the fun :)

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Re: Reintroductions and reflections.

Post#119 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 1:40 pm

Cant post from my main account as forum banned and still cant send pm's so i will just post here in the hope i dont get further punishment on my ingame account despite not having much interest in the game at the moment.

Firstly welcome back Aza, despite being a critic of your work and at times taking it a bit far the server has missed you.

The server has lost its way and i would go back to when sigmarpriest left as the starting point to this, his ambassador role if u like has been missed, i wont go into the details because those who were around then know what i am speaking about, it only got worse and worse since them times.

I can remember speaking to certain staff members about the situation who agreed that its a sorry state but were unwilling to stand up and be counted and told me there is no point as nobody listens.

Leadership and forgetting the founding principles of the server have changed and changed for the worse.

It would appear some ppl have joined the team for the main purpose of having some sort of status and being able to beat their chest without facing the consequences that a player would.

The players were once involved with the project even if thats just creating backgrounds for yaliskah to use but they felt like they were valued, for a long time now players have not been valued at all.

Bans have been handed out for stuff that staff have been guilty of and often rules that are/were (havent read the rules recently) there to protect players and staff have been ignored in favour of staff, it should work both ways as it has caused problems.
Not wanting to beat a dead horse but my main account in particular, banned for a personal message to someone away from ror who was a friend despite rules stating this isnt banable and then forum banned for quoting a staff member and changing what they wrote to something they often say( and since then ppl also quoting and changing what a staff member wrote and facing no action) and then skipping the 30 day ban straight to perma, not bothered if i stay perma forum banned but it doesnt follow the rules and shows the i do what i want attitude.

Leadership is the biggest thing for me, aggressive attitudes of staff and unwillingness to accept blame has created a place where its normal to be a **** despite a key rule saying dont be a ****, 1 person in particular has caused this and you can see how its rubbed off on others who have joined the staff, staff who would normally speak with respect and set a good example over time changed into sarcastic ignorant ppl.

As for game balance a lot of good things have been done but also some bad, naturally ppl will focus on the bad, its just how humans are but a lot of the bad stuff has been left for to long and i really feel as if the community needs to once again be involved in helping make decisions, let ppl argue about stuff dont always jump in and start threatening players with punishments, sit back and just watch it unfold, when staff get involved it only ends 1 way.

I was always very passionate about this project (at times taking my point to far) being the only game i have bothered to stay with and it sucks to see how its ended up.

I really wish for the future of the server the leadership is sorted out, staff start to set a good example and the community once again can have a say on things without being punished.

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Re: Reintroductions and reflections.

Post#120 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 2:02 pm

Well, I guess everything's been said.

Brought a smile to my face when I saw your name pop up in those patch notes.

Welcome back Aza.
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