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Re: Questions and Answers: Drop yours here!

Post#121 » Mon Nov 09, 2020 8:49 pm

Hello, Thanks for Your hard Work.
In War, I have always liked modifying the character's appearance. there are now a lot of Q in the game for which there are no reward items if you add a white RP item to them would be great.
Q.1 Aperreance more item look more itemization look?
Q.2 Is it possible to change the animation of Ax Skill ---> for each class, e.g. shadow bolt, trowing knife, crosbow shot or Orck Bow, after finding and adding to a Range Slot?
Q. 3 Will we ever play Tier V - Albion RvR / Rp?

Regards Fillth

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Re: Questions and Answers: Drop yours here!

Post#122 » Mon Nov 09, 2020 10:58 pm

There have been rumors going around for many months on a rSH re-work. I've read multiple threads on it and saw dev responses regarding previous feedback not being able to be implemented. However, the community came up with new ideas that would be feasible for a rework of the class. Can we expect to see a rework anytime soon?

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Re: Questions and Answers: Drop yours here!

Post#123 » Mon Nov 09, 2020 11:39 pm

Thank you for all of your hard work. You folks are amazing. The new weapon models are pretty awesome.

1. Can we update the wiki for the new items/armor, with links to the the screen shots already in the forum? I know a number of us would be willing to help!

2. Would you please consider a more mobile loner tactic for engie/magus to make them more viable in cities?

3. Would you please consider a 2H hammer option for royal weapons for IB rather than just axes? Or atleast allow an older 2H hammer visual to change an axe appearance?

4. Would you please consider some of the exotic mounts unlock at certain rr80+ levels?

5. How far can you go with content creation? For example, are there enough useable models to be leveraged a 3rd faction of skaven/undead for a heal tank dps classes that you could potentially change appearance on?
primary IB 8X, EN8X, WP7X, SL7X, KOTBS6X, and a bunch of under rr60 toons on order and destro with other classes.

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Re: Questions and Answers: Drop yours here!

Post#124 » Tue Nov 10, 2020 2:47 am

Thank you for all the work that has been put into running this server over the years. How far its come and how far it will go are truly amazing. The Devs work is top notch. Thanks to all the players that provide feedback and pitch in to do the part. Also thank you for the support on twitch. I love streaming the game its good times, /toast . I have some questions and they are as follows.

1. Any plans to work on the PvE side of this game? There are lots of Public quests and in game goodies that are yet to see any concern. IE Tome unlocks that lead to trophies, titles, achievements. Things like that.

2. Any plans to add Tome Tactics and other RR tactics? New ones old ones any at all?

3. Any plans to add more rewards for renown ranks above 85? I love the Helm for RR85 and the dyes are nice. It would be cool to see a piece of armor unlock for every rank above 85. It doesn't need stats but a new fresh look for the players that love there mains and want to push for RR100. Something to keep players wanting that max RR level.

4. What are we as a community doing to advertise and pull new players into the game? Any plans from the Devs? anything that we streamers/youtubers can do to help further the draw in new players?

Keep up the WAAAGH!

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Re: Questions and Answers: Drop yours here!

Post#125 » Tue Nov 10, 2020 5:31 am

Can warrior priest have hair? becouse i see a lot of npc WP having hair, please i beggin you, even female WP have hair i can be bald :(

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Re: Questions and Answers: Drop yours here!

Post#126 » Tue Nov 10, 2020 5:36 am

Considering the end game city content is widely understood to be "stomp or be stomped" with there rarely being competitive close games due to no matchmaking and mostly premade vs pug games, what is your direction for the future of cities or is this the intended state you will be leaving it in?

Previously you could queue as 12 and get 12v12 or 15v15 instances very regularly. Less class stacking, easier to form premade groups with these numbers, more competitive fights vs aoe blobs compositions. Would making 12man cities be available be something that could be considered to help raise the level of competition in end game RoR?

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Re: Questions and Answers: Drop yours here!

Post#127 » Tue Nov 10, 2020 5:59 am

First of thx for keeping the game going.
I had a few friends try the game and they found the game to hard to catch up and a bit confusing.
So my question is. Will there ever be a ingame guide that is more up-to-date and can a totally fresh player get some kind of catch up mechanic for at least one char so they can get in to the game and try all parts of the game?

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Re: Questions and Answers: Drop yours here!

Post#128 » Tue Nov 10, 2020 6:49 am

Awesome game and thanks for holding the torch!

One of the biggest rumors on destro side is that there aint no dev playing destro and at the same time theres a rumor that a little unguilded git shaman that "everybody has been rezzed by" is a dev in disguise, is there any truth to the rumor about no devs playing destro?
(we dont really need to know if the shaman is a dev in disguise)

AE effect that hits through walls and closed keep doors such as the engie acid bomb, is there any way to fix that? More often than not, we are all ½ dead when the doors break and they start pushing <- this is cause to much frustration, bolstering the rumor of the 1st question above.

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Re: Questions and Answers: Drop yours here!

Post#129 » Tue Nov 10, 2020 7:11 am

Hello, and thanks for the great Work.

Q1: Is there any plan or idea on balancing realms? being X3 faceroll during days isn't that fun. Maybe penalities to Xrealmer having 2 80's logging on faction with +100% on pvp pop may be block on a faction or other ideas?

Q2: AM Heal spot is really subpar both survivability + heal vs others healer (only maybe burst low hp 1 target), any plan on AM to be at least as desirable as shaman? ( better surv? heal?).

Q3: Is there a list of class priority?how you'll manage a solo buff on Destro DPS (for exemple SH)? I feel concerned as squishy #1 destro target :lol:

Keep great work, Peace and games

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Re: Questions and Answers: Drop yours here!

Post#130 » Tue Nov 10, 2020 7:27 am

Hello and thanks for this Q&A RoR team!

My only question is about further development with regards to armor/weapon and visual sets (such as cosmetics).

I'm a 3D artist in the industry right now and I was wondering how feasible it is to incorporate new assets into the engine, such as armor/weapons/props that may have been incomplete or did not make it into live?

For example, would it be possible for a modeler to model say, a weapon or backpiece and import that in game without too much hassle?


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