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Patch Notes 25/01/2024

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Patch Notes 25/01/2024

Post#1 » Thu Jan 25, 2024 2:33 pm

Bastion Stair Re-launch

Click here to watch on YouTube

The Bastion Stair Dungeon is finally back and players can once again earn Bloodlord Gear and Weapons! As a result of the new ability system, some bosses have had their mechanics changed, resulting in a few bosses that are now more difficult and others that are now a little easier. Overall, our goal is to retain a similar level of difficulty to where Bastion Stair was previously.

Special thanks to all the testers and guilds who helped us fine-tune this dungeon and squash a great many bugs as we moved towards today's launch!

Dungeon Weekly Updates!

Two big changes to the Dungeon Weekly have arrived this week! These are:

Earn Sentinel Gear Via the Dungeon Weekly

You can now pick up Veteran Sentinel Medallions from each tier of the Dungeon Weekly, for a maximum of 3 per week. Each of these can be traded for a piece of Sentinel Gear in your capital city, and the Sentinel Ring can be acquired for 3.

These will remain in the weekly until the City Dungeons are ready to re-launch in the future, so that players have a way to acquire their wards / get the Sentinel Ring in the meantime. (Weapons from City Dungeons might also be added in the future.)

Companion Pets have arrived!

The Dungeon Weekly now also offers the option of "Companion Coins", which you can collect and trade to begin quests to acquire new permanent Companion pets.

There are three new Companion Pets: The Lucky Rat, the Pet Cat, and the Tiny Cow, as well as the return of often-requested pets, like the Hound and Chaos Hound, and more! Check out the vendors in Altdorf's Southeast Quarter and The Inevitable City's Slaanesh quarters to see all the pets you can acquire.

New Dungeon Speed Run Quests

Gotta Go Fast

Elite teams challenging both the Gunbad and Bastion Stair Dungeons can now take on timed Speed Run quests, and can complete these once per week in each Dungeon. These are difficult quests by design and will not be easy for many players to complete, and they reward the new Champion's Mark currency.

Champion's Marks can be traded in the PvE Areas of your Capital cities (Altdorf's Southeast Quarters and The Inevitable City's Slaanesh Quarters) for a variety of special rewards, including RvR Potions, Companion Coins, and previously unavailable Cosmetic Dyes, like Warp Fire Green and even the ultra-rare Badab Black.

Clearing these dungeons in record times may see players trying out new combinations of both classes and compositions - this is encouraged, and we look forward to seeing what kind of team comps players will complete these quests with! Good luck!

PvE Updates

T1 Quest Re-works and Updates

Over 800 quests in Tier 1 have been updated, re-worked, and have new rewards + new completion text. This includes a number of previously disabled quests from Live that are now returning in full.

Special thanks go to those players from the community who donated their time to help write much of the new Quest Completion text - thank you!

Please note that all Tier 1 Hidden Quests have been temporarily disabled while we rework their worth (and maybe add a few more including the addition of a new hidden quest in T1 that even Veteran players might want to keep their eyes on for later.) Kill quests are also slated for future review.

New PvE XP Reduction Scrolls

Players can now purchase scrolls that will reduce their XP Gain by 75% while non-RvR flagged. For players who want to complete quests or PvE content without worrying about their level rising too high or increasing the gap between their Character Rank and Renown Rank, these new scrolls are for you.

Gunbad Updates

The Magical barriers in Gunbad, which were previously all stacked together in front of the Wing bosses, now feature one barrier after each first boss to mirror the setup of Bastion Stair's barriers and to support the new Speed Run quests.

New NPC Texts

Various NPCs in both Altdorf and The Inevitable City now have new text that will display if you speak to them, aimed at enriching the world-building and immersion for players.

Additionally, the Gathering and Crafting trainers now have unique text that will tell newer players what the specific profession will ultimately lead to, helping them to understand which professions pair best with others.

Realm versus Realm
Keep Lords

- The keep lord abilities have been changed. They will now be doing a bit more damage than before.

Combat and Careers
Action Points Changes

The AP regen system has changed to work like it did on live servers, but with the exception that you regenerate AP during the last 0.5s of the GCD.

So the AP regen stat on gear once again adds to your natural AP regen of 25. The hidden soft cap of 6 AP/s from items is removed.

Each second you generate AP according to your AP regen stat, except when channeling, casting abilities with a cast time, or during the first second of the global cooldown.

Overall this gives better AP regen if you have low amounts of AP regen gear, but a bit less regeneration if you stacked lots of AP regen gear. But it also simplifies the system to remove the need for a hidden soft cap. And the AP regen stat on gear and on buffs/debuffs are now treated the same.

Base Stats Changes

The secondary effects of base stats, like disrupt from willpower or chance to be critically hit from initiative have been changed. They now scale linearly with the stat value, which means there's no longer any specific thresholds where a stat becomes almost useless, or a debuff becomes extremely strong.

For each 100 stat points they now give the following:

- Strength: 1% parry strikethrough & 0.5% block strikethrough
- Intelligence: 1% disrupt strikethrough & 0.5% block strikethrough
- Ballistic skill: 1% dodge strikethrough & 0.5% block strikethrough
- Willpower: 3% disrupt
- Weapon Skill: 3% parry
- Initiative: 3% dodge & 3% reduced chance to be critically hit
- Toughness: 0.5% block
- Block rating: 3% block

10 Willpower gives 0.3% disrupt etc, you don't have to hit even 100 point marks.

Base chance to be critically hit is 10 + <level> / 4, so at level 40 it is 20% chance.

In game character sheet stat tooltips have been updated to display the new effects. The defense stats in the character sheet will now also reflect reality better. Previously they displayed very high numbers that were based on an attacker with low offensive stats.

Comparison of old chance to be critically hit formula vs new:

General Changes and Fixes

- Added a bit more extra range to the checks done during casting or channeling an ability to compensate for lag etc. This is to prevent melee channel abilities from breaking too often with an out of range message while it looks like you are close to the target. The range requirement to start the channel or cast is unaffected.

- Fixed issue where client in some situations thought an ability was on cooldown after casting it failed.

- Fixed issue where abilities using an override stat still used the original strikethrough stat for the attack type. For example Engineer Spanner Swipe now uses Dodge Strikethrough rather than Parry Strikethrough, even though it is a melee attack that can be parried.

- Fixed the buff from Beastlord Hunting Guide to actually grant AP, and to affect group members.

- [22158] Respeccing Renown Makes Learned Tactics Stop Functioning.

- [21650] Some Knockback abilities not knocking down monsters.

Bug Fixes

- Phosphorous Shells - No longer stacks.

Bug Fixes

- Red Tipped Arrer - Now dispels absorb before doing damage.

Bug Fixes

- [22060] Slice Through Tactic increases Crippling Blow CD to 15 seconds instead of 10 seconds.

Bug Fixes

- Tzeentch's Firestorm - No longer stacks

General Changes

- Stances now work like the marauder mutations rather than being toggle abilities.

Bug Fixes

[22077] - Prot and Verner Fangchitter's ground AOE in the Altdorf Sewers now works properly again.
[22131] - Fixed with T1 Quest Rework
[21936] - Fixed the spelling mistake
[22157] - BOs/Choppas can exchange their great mace of the undead hammer variant for the axe variant
All Tickets that have been made older than December 2023 regarding Tier 1 and the capital city quests have been closed.


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