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error return of reckoning

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error return of reckoning

Post#1 » Wed Feb 24, 2021 1:05 am

Hello, good night, people I wanted to ask you a big favor, is that I have a problem with the launcher every time it finishes downloading the updates, this error appears and it does not let me play with my warriors of chaos for help, how can I solve this error

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Re: error return of reckoning

Post#2 » Wed Feb 24, 2021 9:14 am

try reinstalling .NET again

also follow this closely and make sure you did every step correctly

How to Install:

+ Stop your Torrent from seeding (close it, maybe check your task manager)

+ Move the Warhammer Online - Return of Reckoning outside the ReturnofReckoning-March2020 folder and move it to c:\ ... for instance move it to c:\Games
(but **NOT** inside c:\ Program Files or c:\ Program Files (x86); it should be in a folder which it have write access)

+ Remove the write-protection from all the files in the Warhammer Online - Return of Reckoning folder.
(right click on the War Online - RoR folder > properties > disable the read-only box)

+ Check that your whole Warhammer Online - Return of Reckoning folder is whitelisted in your Antivirus program and check if your Firewall or Maleware doesn't interfere with the install.

+ You may also try running the launcher with Administrator privileges.
(Right click on the RoRLauncher.exe > properties > run administrator)

+ Run the RoRLauncher.exe
+ Let it update (sometimes it needs a few seconds until it starts)
+ Exit launcher and rerun it again
+ Repeat the last 2-steps until there is no update left
+ Launch the game

!!! [If you don't have DirectX 9.0c, installed it is required, and now this is also included in the torrent. In the ReturnOfReckoning-March2020 folder find the dx90c folder, open that and run DXSETUP.exe]
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