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Patch Notes 02/10/2020

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Re: Patch Notes 02/10/2020

Post#111 » Mon Oct 05, 2020 11:33 pm

Lithenir wrote:
Sun Oct 04, 2020 10:49 am
With the new changes to stealth it's almost impossible to defend a keep.

Last night we defended Eataine order keep succesfully. So we went for the deff-tick. Before the tick was over a WE showed up. So waiting for 10 more minutes. We mined the lord, but another WE showed up. Another waiting period begane. So we mined the lord room, the ramp and body blocked the front door. But again somehow a WE managed to go to the lord.

With the new stealth mechanic WE can manage to go in stealth in front of the keep and have enough time to look for weak points or use mDPS skill to go in postern - since it doesn't destealth them - and just use the opener in the lord to tag him. It's painfully ridiculous that this one attack tags the lord as under attack since WE can stay in stealth for like forever now.

Please change the lord tagging, that the attack status will occur once he is at 97% health or something. It will be easy to get him to this when the keep is really under attack, but not enough for single WEs.

call police, I mean WH. ;)
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