Patch Notes 17/11/2017

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Patch Notes 17/11/2017

Post#1 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:03 am

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- All Halloween quest givers and vendors have now been removed from the server. You can no longer hand in the 2017 Haunted Holidays event quests or buy their rewards. Perhaps they will return next year...



- did a bunch of stuff but didn't write any notes because he smells.


* Fixed visual effects on the following:
- Secret Item I Cannot Tell You About
- Flame Breath Potion

* Added additional cooldown groups for use on items.

-Fixed an issue where crafting could fail to process if you spammed the button to combine an item too hard.
-Fixed a few issues with the new groups code.
-Fixed a few issues with PQs causing a memory leak.
-Stealth will no longer break from falling damage.
-Squig Pets will now adhere to the law of the land and not hit through walls.



Wrote and added missing spells to crafted items including -

- Absorb Potions
- Glue Potions
- Napalm Potions
- Scorching Potions
- Thorn Potions
- Flame Breath Potions

Anything missing or on wrong thing put on the Bugtracker please.



Items that previously stacked to 20 can now stack to 40


- Corrected stats on ~70 R20 items
- Corrected stats on ~600 R21 items
- Corrected stats on ~340 R22 items
- Corrected stats on ~700 R23 items

[Tome of Knowledge]

- Corrected the subtype of several creatures inside Gunbad

[Public Quests]

- Corrected the level of all NPCs within Chaos PQs so that it is now within the range of the level of the PQ (for example level 10-11)
- Corrected the description of the stages and name of the objectives of Chaos PQs - when it was possible - so that it fits with official and ToK

- Destruction PQ 'Fields of Woe': NPCs 'Nordland Sergeant' will no longer be Champions
- Destruction PQ 'Krul'Gor Herd': NPCs 'Krul Warrior' will no longer be Champions
- Destruction PQ 'Wayshrine of Sigmar': Removed the NPCs 'Striker Acolyte' from the third stage
- Destruction PQ 'Ragash's Last Stand': Last boss 'Ragash Bloody Horn' will no longer be stuck in a weird animation
- Destruction PQ 'Bog Hunters': GOs 'Bog Trap' will no longer have invisible appearance, thus they will now all appear and be usable; NPCs 'Mire Hound' are now assigned to the first stage; NPCs 'Mire Huntmaster' will no longer be Champions
- Destruction PQ 'Trovolek': Added NPCs 'Trovolek Hunter' to the second stage
- Destruction PQ 'Tearing the Portal': Added NPC spawns for first stage; Modified the second stage; NPCs 'Infected Zealous' will now spawn during the last stage; Last boss will now have weapons
- Destruction PQ 'Suderheim': All NPCs of last stage are now Champions
- Destruction PQ 'Serpent's Fang Bandits': NPCs 'Daemonette' for the second stage are no longer Champions; Added NPCs 'Screaming Daemonette' to the last stage
- Destruction PQ 'Kruegerhaus': NPC 'Brunhilde Krueger' is now a Hero
- Destruction PQ 'Bitterspring': Reworked the third stage
- Destruction PQ 'Guts Out': NPCs 'Icemaw Bull' will no longer have a weird animation
- Destruction PQ 'Keep of Asavar Kul': Added one objective to the first stage; Reorganized a bit NPCs for the second stage; 3 of the 4 GOs 'Coil of Rope' at the top of the tower can now be used to escape from the tower
- Destruction PQ 'Beacon of Firengrom': NPCs 'Bonestomper Magus' will no longer be Champions
- Destruction PQ 'The Storm is Coming': Added one objective to the second stage
- Destruction PQ 'Lonely Tower': NPCs 'Skeletal Titan' will no longer be Champions
- Destruction PQ 'The Tower of Awakening': Reworked the second stage
- Destruction PQ 'Fall of Grimclan': GOs 'Rocky Outcropping' now have to be destroyed during second stage; Removed some spawns of NPCs 'Grimclan Icehelm' from second stage; Added 3 spawns of NPC 'Grimclan Icehelm' to the last stage; NPC 'Thorzul Grimblood' is no longer a Hero but a Champion
- Destruction PQ 'Sundered Fortress': NPCs 'Fortress Marksman' will no longer be Champions
- Destruction PQ 'Cinderash Enclave': NPCs 'Cinderash Wizard' will no longer be Champions; NPC 'Gervault Feuer' will now also spawn during the second stage, under the dome above the fountain
- Destruction PQ 'Southern Breach': NPCs 'Silversong Flamewind' will no longer be Champions; NPC 'Daerik Gustvaan' is now a Champion
- Destruction PQ 'The End is Nigh': NPCs 'Fearless Elder' will no longer be an objective of second stage but they will now spawn when clicking on the GOs 'Chaos Beacon'
- Destruction PQ 'Wings of the Griffon': You will now also have to kill 'Eugen the Blazing' during the last stage
- Destruction PQ 'Ambush at Garrisonburg': Reworked the PQ
- Destruction PQ 'Hunting the Hunters': Added and assigned NPCs 'Sigmarite Castigator' to the second stage
- Destruction PQ 'Fields of Reikland': Added NPCs 'Reiksguard Armsman' to the last stage
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Re: Patch Notes 17/11/2017

Post#2 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:06 am

Nice, thanks!
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Re: Patch Notes 17/11/2017

Post#3 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:08 am

very nice thanks

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Re: Patch Notes 17/11/2017

Post#4 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:10 am

nice ty, secrets.... plz work on turrets and lions :P
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Re: Patch Notes 17/11/2017

Post#5 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:15 am

at last no more ridiculous SH pets at goddamn last :D GJ Secrets.

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Re: Patch Notes 17/11/2017

Post#6 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:32 am

Look at all those pq fixes . Thx RoR team
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Re: Patch Notes 17/11/2017

Post#7 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:51 am

Well I guess we will all get butchers now

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Re: Patch Notes 17/11/2017

Post#8 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:32 am

SH pets can't hit through walls, we got a stack size increase, Thorn potions, and a bunch of smelly stuff?!

Thanks for all the work! QoL changes are some of the best.

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Re: Patch Notes 17/11/2017

Post#9 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:31 am

Thanks a lot for the patch. Now do something for white lions ignoring most of the terrain, climbing vertical walls and going trhough floors. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Patch Notes 17/11/2017

Post#10 » Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:41 am

This. "Squig Pets will now adhere to the law of the land and not hit through walls" :)
Thx for all your hard work! Love the PQ fixes!

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