Patch Notes 02/02/2018

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Re: Patch Notes 02/02/2018

Post#261 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:30 pm

sogeou wrote:
Aurandilaz wrote:
Scrilian wrote: I am complaining about poor implementation with proc utterly unreliable to the point of being useless - in the form of being consumed on cast start. I suggest you level a BW and test it for yourself before brushing this issue aside.
Yeah, I have a rr60+ BW, and it's still in better state than Sorc so I don't know, maybe if you also lost Wildfire crit potential and Wounds buffs from WP and Crit increasers from SW/Knight, then maybe you would start getting closer down to Sorc levels? Oh, and maybe you want to trade Morals as well, I would love a damage doing Ruin and Destruction on Sorc, you can try our epic WindWovenShell meantime. ;)
And if you hate Flashfire, could also trade that to our "mirror" tactic which is called Manic Obsession (since both tactics are gained at career rank 31...) , but I can tell you that Manic Obsession is so bad I don't ever remember having it on my tactic hotbar.

With that being said. Manic obsession got nerfed by mythic. It use to be much more and also if you had full warlord before the gear changes it made it like 40% total. I would stack that along with the old CQ = more damage and was getting 5k WOP before that was a norma and before WOP buff.

Just wait for the patcher. I am sure lots of tweaks will be coming.
i dont know which tweaks will come, but for sure, at the moment, flashfire tactics is bugged like hell.. and doesnt work as dev implement.. hope in a quick fix.. because we step from very good tactic to bugged and almost useless tactic.

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Re: Patch Notes 02/02/2018

Post#262 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:01 pm

Regarding Flashfire changes:
I've tested a few sessions, where FF is a staple on my mains build.
The worst part is that you lost the control of the buff for when you need it / best strategy to use.

I thought that the actual change to a decrease in build time is not needed as CQ is already available.

I think better solution could have been to investigate the disrupt errors reported by some users (ever notice that FF spec BW always get FF proc at same instant?) I suspect there is some underlying disrupt concerns that are existing even from live. BR is filed but I don't think it gained much attention/credence.

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