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Patch Notes 23/09/2020

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Re: Patch Notes 23/09/2020

Post#11 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 4:55 pm


- Invader crests to loosing side lowered from 3 to 2.

[City Siege]

- The loosing side now gets lower quality bags than the winning side.

RIP forst
RIP cities

No reason defending forts with low population now. Same for Order side that loses almost all instances on cities.

If the open lake rewards with more royals, then you wont see Order doing city so soon! Same for those destro players that arent part of premades.

Except for these changes, this patch is better than the last one for sure! Dungeons and rvr got more interesting now! And the stone that we can put on ring, finally i can use it without care if tomorrow I won't have then anymore xD
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Re: Patch Notes 23/09/2020

Post#12 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 4:59 pm

Do shard drops require the tome unlock to receive it?
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Re: Patch Notes 23/09/2020

Post#13 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:03 pm

Minor detail but heal crit talismans from bb/be don't seem to stack.

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Re: Patch Notes 23/09/2020

Post#14 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:05 pm

I’m at work and haven’t been able to check, so apologies if this is already the case,

But has anything been done with Vanq medallions? I have thousands and thousands of these with nothing but pots to spend them on. At some point can allow purchasing Invader shards with these at 5:1 or something, that way the whole currency system works together?

Nice patch btw, love the shards from orvr implementation.
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Re: Patch Notes 23/09/2020

Post#15 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:07 pm

Patch looks interesting.
Nice work.

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Re: Patch Notes 23/09/2020

Post#16 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:08 pm

Rumpel wrote:
Wed Sep 23, 2020 4:59 pm
Do shard drops require the tome unlock to receive it?
Shards dropped depend on the enemy player's renown rank and RNG.

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Re: Patch Notes 23/09/2020

Post#17 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:15 pm

Claiming a kaep gives an extra reward to the guild members like was on the ofi? Or any kind of extra?
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Re: Patch Notes 23/09/2020

Post#18 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:17 pm

- Invader Medallion Shards and Royal Crest Shards now have a chance to drop from RR60+ or RR70+ players. These can be exchanged at a 5:1 ratio to Invader Medallions or Royal Crests at the Invader and Royal vendors. * This is a test and subject to change or removal.

Do they only drop in RVR? Or do they have a chance to drop in SCs as well?

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Re: Patch Notes 23/09/2020

Post#19 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:20 pm

ReturnOfReckoning wrote:
Wed Sep 23, 2020 4:25 pm

- Looks Like a Challenge: This M4 is now limited to 9 targets just like the Choppa mirror ability "Yer Goin Down!"
Pretty sad about it. Never got a chance to try it because nobody wants 2h slayers in warbands, and if you go dw/aoe spec with it you are literally losing everything just to get m4

And you need AM with pumpts to actually be able to use it, so you sacrifice two spots in a warband just to get this m4 working

Meanwhile Zealot Windblock is nicely situated in AoE tree that can function either as dps or a healer, while also doing 50% more damage. And zealot has self morale pump to top it off.
So you still get useful Zealot, doing usual Zealot things, while getting better m4

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Re: Patch Notes 23/09/2020

Post#20 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:34 pm

Nice Patch
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