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Patch Notes 15/10/2021

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Re: Patch Notes 15/10/2021

Post#51 » Wed Oct 20, 2021 10:25 pm

ashton007 wrote:
Wed Oct 20, 2021 9:41 pm
I directly addressed you as the head GM and not some random, and as such you should be held to the highest standard, but here it’s quite the opposite. I am actually fully aware of what you do for the team having been here since 2014 myself and seeing a lot of it, but I have to say that I have also seen the way you talked to others in the past and it’s quite tasteless, in fact I recall a few leaving the game and team as a direct result of your behavior. I am not impressed in the slightest and seems most unfortunate that you are the face of the team. Have you nothing better to do than pick apart comments that hold no weight? And yet you speak of boredom... I recall making a few balance proposals in the past that were not up to your standard due to formatting.
There are plenty of people who play the game, enjoy their time here, and can provide feedback with respect. There's plenty of people who can directly engage with me and other members of staff as well. Then there's people that I will break off a piece of my mind to make sure they aren't particularly comfortable railing against what we've built here. If that is what's driving people away from the project, that's fine. They can be toxic somewhere else. Pretty sure the reasons for the population lately have exceedingly little to do with my behavior or decisions. I've been pretty hands off this year as far as moderating the community, only stepping in when needed and keeping actual moderation (warnings, suspensions) explicitly by the book. If it's business time, you'll get the business, and nothing else. The age of spicy ban appeals are long since past and was encouraged at the time by leadership. I'm glad that's done with, too many people took aggression towards bad actors personally even if that was never going to be directed at them.

Scott wasn't warned or sanctioned, he was just responded to rather directly. The vast majority of my posts either direct responses to questions that weren't going to be answered otherwise or straight up helpful to players that need it. Feel free to go dig through them before framing me in some negative light.
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