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Patch Notes 03/09/2022

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Re: Patch Notes 03/09/2022

Post#41 » Tue Sep 06, 2022 2:50 pm

rejndjer wrote: Tue Sep 06, 2022 7:49 am after trying out some pug scenarios, gotta say that this is my favorite patch since starting in january. now i can finally play some RoR when i have 30 minutes time window free during the day, and not worry about having 0kills combined in 2-3 scenarios. thank you devs <3
not just for casuals but also great for new players to learn how to play the class/race they have chosen
since i havent played since retail its a great place for me to learn positioning and how the changes affect the game

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Re: Patch Notes 03/09/2022

Post#42 » Sat Sep 10, 2022 7:47 pm

wonshot wrote: Mon Sep 05, 2022 10:56 pm The thing is aoe sorc build have pretty much no identity, its just a copy paste of Brightwizard aoe, but in a worse state all around :roll:

Brighwizard aoe advantages:
- More procs in tactics related to Flame of Ruin allowing them to deal proc damage that is only mitigated by some types where as raw ability damage is dealing with armor/resist/toughness etc.
- Funnelpower
- MUCH better tactic choices for aoe build with wildfire, fueled from within + crown of fire, which naturally gets higher tooltip dmg as BW have acces to a viable build with more points in left-mastery tree making the Flames of ruin and the tactic scale and deal more dmg.
- Flashfire is it's own mystery and legit is as a standalone with no other advantages, enough to make BW much superior than aoe sorc.
- Viable 13point mastery options either Backdraft which actually does a respectable high ticking dot + selfpeel against choppapull, and FBB option to ranged assist when displaced
- MUCH stronger aoe filler rotation with Flamebreath 20combustion builder for getting big value out of morale dmg 375 aoe procs with Explosive force

Aoe sorc advantages:
- IW medium distance aoe pressure, allowing sorc to play more from in & out bombing range and not stacking up in the face of frontal kings slayers.
- Two supporting tactics for IW, to make it wider and more build defining with 2/4 tactic slot investment.
- Infernal gift party buff, most destro aoe dps seem to assume this role of aoe dmg + amplifying the other party members but they dont have any selfish aoe carries (msh PD, mara ini/ws debuff, choppa CF, sorc IG)
- ranged aoe punt tactic (honorable mention for those who dont run with a shammy for punt on the tower or msh with ranged aoe punt from leftover points)

The way i see these two aoe classes, they are fragile, immobile (no snarebreaker outside of FM in stage3 city in aoe build) high risk supposedly high reward casters who benefit from a busted class mechanic yet still struggle to see higher annihilate/disastorus casade channels for more than 375 ish. And they still suffer from having to fight against Hold the line stacks, Bellow, Challenge and cant move like any of the melee classes while channeling pbaoe. Despite all of this these classes might see top of the damage leaderboard, but not by much outside of a keepsiege situation where fluffdamage is plentyful. Instead its much better to slot a utility dps instead of these supposedly purebreed damagedealers, as you might lose 20% damage output difference by not slotting a clothie caster on the frontline but instead gain utility like Shattered limbs, aoe knockdown, aoe interrupt, more armor, more mobility and in most cases more damage aswel. :lol:

Sorc and BW deffo had their time in the past, they are for sure still playable and can be fun too.
But maybe its also time to look at little tweaks to these careers, like IW 5sec hardcap, icespike 20combustion gain on cast, Anni/DC castable on the move with a movespeed penalty, aoe root actually being a class defining lvl 10 ability like ressurect, charge, htl, guard, stealth and not being this stepchild of the family of "free immunity"

Brightwizard, i dont even go for full 1050 int on mine for the past 2-3 years because the damage comes from the procs. Sorc dont have the same luyxary so they have to go sorfcap and play as a brightwizard pretender with just the only little advantage of IW, with a lesser rotation for procing morale damage due to 10darkmagic from icespikes vs 20 on flamebreath, and nowhere near the same proc output and same low channel magic damage, on careers that were supposed to be purebreed damagedealers.
thank you for so clearly summarizing the imbalance between AoE Sorc & BW and how lacking the two supposed biggest damage dealers are compared to previous balance versions.
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