Requirements to be a Sourcedev

Help us with developing new features or fix up existing ones. This is the place to apply. C# for game engine, C++ for tools.

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Requirements to be a Sourcedev

Post#1 » Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:31 pm

So you want to be a sourcedev? Great! Though I have some mixed news for you:

The current code is a mix of some really good carbonara and some really terrible plain spaghetti, what this means is that some parts of the code is really easy to work with and others not so much, hopefully though if you get in you'll like the challenge and learn a thing or 2 perhaps.

Now that we got that out of the way let's talk some boring requirements that me and the team has on any staff member and devs in general:

Game systems:
Strong grasp of in-game mechanics, including RvR and patch changes. You might imagine after each patch we are peppered with questions regarding what has changed. You should also be aware of the chat commands unique to RoR, and many of the common issues and workarounds. Detailed, constructive, well-written posts in the Balance Forums go a long way here to showing your proficiency in this regard.
We do our best. There are things about being on the team that will be frustrating. You may not always agree with actions taken, but the leads in each role do communicate with each other and will make decisions that may go against your personal beliefs. This is something that needs to be respected. Recurring issues that we can't yet fix are not something that should bother you. New tools, methods, and workarounds are constantly being developed. If you have suggestions for something the team needs, it is better to make this public than silently withholding frustration.
We are not professionals, we are volunteers. This only means that our level of dedication to the game and it running smoothly is un-paid, despite the level of professionalism we strive to maintain. In-game, you should strive to be helpful and resist engaging in toxic behavior and attitude, despite whatever current frustration is circulating in public chat channels. Naturally, if you already have actions taken against your account for violating the ToS, you can expect an application to be ignored.
Apart from those things you obviously need to have some understanding of at least C# but it also helps if you know java and/or C++ (for the EMU itself or any tools we might need outside of the EMU), mind you that you don't need to be a god in these languages but nobody will be here to really hold you hand either. Another big part that's touched on in the tolerance part is that when a lead takes a decision, you may come with suggestions or improvements but in the end the management are the people in charge, PERIOD.

Usually the workflow of a dev is that you are either handed a task from a lead directly or you may get assigned a ticket on github or trello (internal trello and not available for public perusing) that you will work on, test and once you feel it's done, sent to the development server for more testing by others members of staff before going on live.

Another note worth mentioning (that goes for all applications) is that we don't ever reply to any application, if we find your application good we will be in touch, and it may take a while (in my case it was 6 months of silence before anything happened to my application), and if we do contact you it will be from one of the lead accounts that PMs your forum account.

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