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Ranked Sc Auto Join ! Not Good !

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Re: Ranked Sc Auto Join ! Not Good !

Post#11 » Wed Jan 22, 2020 11:01 pm

I agree with the original poster that nobody should auto-join a scenario. They should have to click a button and accept. And they should also be kicked if they do not take any action within 5 or fewer minutes. That makes logical sense to me.

The GM idea is stupid because it takes days for GMs to respond, and it isn't the business of a GM anyway. People go AFK for all kinds of reasons: House is burning down, kid just split their head open, passing a kidney stone, or whatever tf. The game's automation should prefer preservation of the game's balance and drop the AFK person and replace them from someone enqueued.

The absurd "Don't queue for something if you're not ready for it" excludes all possibility of something unexpected happened, and the unexpected happens. It places all the onus on a single individual with a very narrow mindset. Great comedy, bad idea.

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Re: Ranked Sc Auto Join ! Not Good !

Post#12 » Thu Jan 23, 2020 10:01 am

I've seen gms rank ban a player that dced in the middle of the match (were on the winning side, character was standing around for like 20 seconds and then disappearing. I assumed it was a technical difficulty) After asking for a reason the reply basically was that he didn't log back in 8 minutes and that it's basically GM Business and I shouldn't bother..

As the previous poster stated, things can happen irl, ppl can have emergencies, routers can die, etc. Should you get prevented from joining rankeds with a ban?

Well.. Maybe! I think a temporary suspension in those cases instead of a flat ban would teach more in the long run...

OH, and regarding auto joins... Other games had similar problems with that stuff. Easiest model to adapt would be League... basically where people queue up, and When it pops they have to check a checker. If everybody checked the game will load. If not, checked ppl will get thrown back into queue and afks get removed from it.

Simple and efficient

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