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Bug? Crafting Skill Reset to 1

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:18 pm
by zediscool

I am a returning RoR player, I picked up this game a few years ago. Really outstanding job has been done to bring this game back to life.

The issue I am having is that one of my characters got its Talisman Making crafting skill reset to 1. I do not remember ever re-picking another crafting skill or something like that, then going back to Talisman Making for it to be currently at level 1. I remember I got Talisman Making to around level 150. The proof is that I have a few level 150 fragments in my inventory from scavenging, along with few level 8 talismans. My scavenging is currently 179.

What could have caused this? Was there a recent re-work for crafting or something that caused this reset? If not, and it is a bug, is there any way the Game Masters or developers could automatically boost my Talisman Making to 150? That would be much appreciated!

If not I can accept my fate and grind it out again.

Thanks in advance.