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Receiving no rewards from Zone RvR

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 5:17 am
by Tradwarden
Praag was recently captured by destruction. I saw the attack happening when the outer door had a couple percentage points left and flew there.
I was in a warband and sitting by the ram by the time the outer door was down and followed everyone onto the inner attack. I stayed there, participated in a few order kills, and did about 180k damage to the lord afterwards. I also helped capture two BO's for the last phase of locking the zone.

I received 0 renown, combat experience, and influence for both the lord kill and the zone capure.

Level 38/44 Squig herder.

Edit: If it might have something to do with it, I didn't fly into Praag, I used the War Report teleport feature.