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Is Magus really useless in high-level ?

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Is Magus really useless in high-level ?

Post#1 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 6:20 am

Hi there ! I just reached lvl 40 with my Magus, and I really like this class. But then when I began to look for PVE and open PVP groups or apply with guilds, and most of the time they told me Magus are not the best and refused without any further test.

This is not my first MMO, so I understand some classes or spec are not meant for all situations. Could you please tell me what kind of games are "better" for Magus, PVE, open PVP, SC, and with wich spec ?
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Re: Is Magus really useless in high-level ?

Post#2 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 7:10 am

Magus are very good 70+ Once they get the gear they can hit very hard, you can do very well in low tier as well. Mid tier where most of your time will be spent, it is ok, you can still contribute but you will lack finishing power. If you get good at assisting targets you can still be very valuable, there is many ways to spec your magus as well there is Rift, Single Target, Aoe, and there is even a tanky spec. Most run aoe until they get good gear, then either swap to single target or rift. If you like it get good at it and people will want you in their parties/ guilds.

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Re: Is Magus really useless in high-level ?

Post#3 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 7:56 am

Magus are really good for Keep/Fort defense (for attack too but better on defense) => fights where you can stay +/- static and safe. with aoe spec can put some nice constant pressure with aoe dots/dd (since mist nerf i assume that works a bit worse...). you dont have high burst but its a constant aoe pressure...

For the ST and rift spec i really didnt played to give any feedback...

Probably the lack of magus (and other ranged dps since SH is played like mdps) is the reason for destro lose mostly of forts...

Right now the endgame for RVR is city and is not really rdps friendly...probably any guild/wb will take more than 1 magus for that purpose...

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Re: Is Magus really useless in high-level ?

Post#4 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 11:55 am

There is a thread on this.

Also I want to point out, it's hilarious how you never see "Is Engineer really useless?" or "Engineer pointless endgame?" posts. However, you see stuff for Magus every so often and the stigma associated with it on Destruction side. It makes you wonder doesn't it, if it's just word of mouth stuff propagated by the masses and continues to fester.

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Re: Is Magus really useless in high-level ?

Post#5 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 12:04 pm

Speaking from personal experience: If you aren't Rift spec, you aren't wanted.
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