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Twitch event trader still sells pet quest, which doesnt work anymore

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Twitch event trader still sells pet quest, which doesnt work anymore

Post#1 » Sat Jan 09, 2021 7:38 am

i hope a dev sees this, so to elaborate:
i also posted this in the event forum, as im not sure its a bug or anything else... and the item has a 24 hr timer...

spent 3 of 7 tokens on the quest item after event ended while quest item is still sold at the vendor, but apperently the quest isnt working anymore. as 4 tokens net you nothing i would have lost a whole week of participating in the event. =(

i participated in the twitch event for the last 7 days of it, which means i got 7 tokens in total. at the beginning i was aiming for the mount just from rumors and seeing it once. i didnt check into it further, because why would i...

after i sent 6 tokens to my prefered char i wanted to look up my "to be" new mount at the vendor... just to figure out it was a time limited one... i red the event page beforehand, but didnt realize this. i then hold back my tokens to think about it. also i aquired the 7th token the next day for the same char, as it wouldnt matter anyway.

after talking to random people in advice i overheard someone saying we have about 3? weeks to turn in the tokens after the event ends. which no one demented at this point, so i believed that and took my time until today to think about what i want.

i decided to get the pet today, as i have still seen the quest item at the vendor yesterday. so i bought it, accepted the quest and...

after going to the described and marked locations, theres neither giants nor barrels. =( i went to all 3 locations twice, the 2 in nordland and the one in norsca, but nothing.

im kinda extremely dissapointed at the moment, cause to sum it up... first i sent 6 tokens (so 6 days twitch) to one char not knowing about the time limted mount. then i spent 3 of them for the quest item which renders the remaining 4 useless as i cant send them elsewhere and even if it would be possible the quest doesnt seem to work anymore. and to top it off the orange present from the last day was the same cloak as from the kegs end event. which of course i already had.

so all in all, if this problem here isnt somehow solvable i spent 7 days... a whole week on the event for nothing.

i especially want to point out that if this is actually intended, that the quest doesnt work anymore, i would like to get a "refund" for the tokens, cause the quest item is still beeing sold at the vendor without any notice that it doesnt work anymore. which frankly spoken isnt really my fault i think.

so, if this is somehow resolvable, either by telling me what i do wrong with the quest, or by other means, as i still would like to have the pet for my participation, that would be awesome. it would also go to an alt of mine, not my main char if possible =).


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