Hand of Cythrai

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Hand of Cythrai

Post#1 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:24 am

Background story for my Witch Elf fo KKR :)
As few ppl asked about another part of Lions Pelt [work in progress] i decided to share this piece :) Hope you enjoy it even if its not as "fabular" as last story. Btw idea behind char was after i quit playing my AM and thought it might be fun to use it this way [specially with EH/KKR rp storyline ;] ].

NAME: Khaisara formerly known as Vanadesse Lightbringer
BORN: Saphery
AGE: 177 years

Born in Saphery. Her father was mage that served as one of many divinators for the Phoenix King. Young Vanadesse lacked the gifts her father and older sister had, but her open mind and kind heart opened her way to the Temple of Isha where she was supposed to serve.

Upon very first raids of Druchii during the Time of Reckoning she was kidnapped with many others. She watched as her friends and other young adepts were sacrificed and abused. She was beaten and abused for months and used by her captors for their lustful desires.

When the time came for her to be sacrificed, unlike the others who met their fates crying and begging to be spared, she stood defiant in face of the closing in Hag that was supposed to spill her blood. In the time before the sacrifice she had managed to loosen the ropes that bound her, and when the Hag approached, she managed to slip her wrists free. As the witch stood over her chanting incantations to the Bloodied One she managed to snatch the ceremonial dagger from her hand, and hit deep into chest of a priestess. She didn’t ended with one stab. A shocked audience watched in awe as she stabbed chest of Hag with blow after blow. With her dying breath, trying to defy death itself the Hag managed to regain control of the blade and strike back. It was too late though.. Hate-filled Vanadesse ended the fight despise her wounds with what she had; her teeth and bare hands.
The audience by now had become an angry mob that rushed towards the lone elven maiden, eager for her blood. It was then that they heard loud laughter and single command.


In a dizzied haze caused through blood loss and the intoxicating ceremonial fumes, Vanadesse’s last sight was an elven seeress closing in, the mob splitting to move away from her path... Consciousness fading, she tightened grip on the blade she had recovered from dead Hag but before she could do anything she collapsed into soft, quiet darkness.

It took months of attempts to bend the will of young Sapherian. She did not became a tool of a seeress despise her numerous attempts. Something changed about her though... After night when she felt the blood of Khaine Bride on her lips, when she felt overwhelming power, of being master of life and death, her thoughts were dark and she felt like she had been lied to whole her life... She felt, no... she knew that the power of Cythrai was her to grasp. To wield. To use. To preach.
The Seeress noticed that change and applauded it. She brought her slave books, teachings about Khaine and other Cythrai. Vanadesse didnt even noticed when her cage was switched for a small but comfortable room. She was held inside under the guard but she was given food, manuscripts and could move freely within the limits of the city of Ghrond with her two guards. She served the seeress as her aide, cleaning her rooms, serving, helping her bathe. They didn’t talk much, if at all.

Two years had passed. As her blonde bleached hair distinguished her heritage she decided to dye hair for the colour of night skies. With rotation of the forces after some time no one except for close associates of the seeress knew who she really was. Books and scrolls couldn’t give her any more answers so she decided to participate in Khaine blessings. She asked her mistress to allow her for such actions and as usual in the present time seeress applauded her decision and gave her blessing. With approval of high seeress after getting grasp of the true faith she started lessons of subterfuge, poison and venom using, art of deception and killing. In a short time she excelled anyone in her group. Unlike some short tempered young witches she knew well when to strike and when she should wait for a better occasion. For the time being the seeress put her on her strong geas - lest she forgot where is her place and sigils that forbode her to attack her mistress.

She started infiltration missions in refugee camps, checking the guards and fortifications of Asur. As she was a genuine Sapherian no one ever had any suspicions, until they found themselves on the other side of the edge of her blade.
Time passed. She climbed up on the ladder of hierarchy and became trustworthy part of the Kar Kadath forces.
Seeress invited her to her tent after successful mission of assassinate a high priest of Asuryan.

"Vanadesse... The time has come to take off your leash." - she said with wide grin on her lips. "As I have no more doubts where your loyalty lies I can tell this spell I put on you years ago might be liability these days as it might interfere while your work against other Druchii cliques whose interests might lie in the way of our own objectives.
Vanadesse noded as she poured wine in the glass and handed it to her mistress. She walked behind seeress to fetch some fresh apples and cake but instead she - one could say motionlessly and without a sound - moved behind seeress, blade in her hand. She laid tip of the blade against the neck of the sorceress, she felt satisfaction as she flinched and sighed.
"That geas never worked mylady." - she muttered - "It is secret knowledge so I don’t blame you.... But none of my family members cannot be forced to anything if we don’t want it... No matter what magical or divine means you use. A rare gift – side effect of the experiments of my forefather during Demon Wars..."
She sheathed her blade as she sat next to feet of her mistress.
"I serve Cythrai and you my mistress... Because its the only True Way that is written in stars by the Gods themselves." While looking away from seeress’s face - she knew even her impudence must have limits, otherwise it will not end well - she said - "Vanadesse is no more mistress. I am Khaisara, The Hand of Cythrai."

Seeress stared at young impudent servant. She was not sure if she should unleash her whole fury in a magical blast that will twist and then turn the young witch into ashes or maybe thank Gods for such a precious gift. She decided that there always will be time to do so.

For now they had plans to make... And blood to spill.


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