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Druhir Dictionary - Dark Elf Resource

Feel like burning like a bright wizard? Being as green as a gobbo? Robust like an Ironbreaker? Bloodthirsty like a witch elf? Feel free to speak as them here.

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Druhir Dictionary - Dark Elf Resource

Post#1 » Tue May 01, 2018 9:57 pm

Druhir or sometimes known as Drukh Eltharin, is the language spoken by the Dark Elves of Naggaroth. A corrupted form of Eltharin, it is as harsh and vicious as those that use this tongue. This language guide is based on words gathered from Black Library fiction, Dark Elf rulebooks, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.


Accuracy – Senlu

Agent – Men

Ambition – Harath

Animal (or creature) – Ead

And – Na

Anger – Lath

Appropriate Distance (a social rule that measures how close one Druchii is allowed to another, this depends on social rank and is measured in sword lengths) - Hithuan

Archer - Zhabat

Arm – Drath

Assassin (of the Temple of Khaine) - Menkhain

Assassin (on the mission to take out a target) – Fiannakhain

Axe – Olthos


Bearing of Chains (an annual festival where nobles make an offering to the Drachau and restate their loyalty, marking the end of the raiding season and start of winter) – Hanil Khar

Beast – Kuron

Beastmaster (junior rank, also used for a Slave Master) – Eadukhar

Beastmaster (specialising in training large or dangerous beasts) – Kuroukhar

Beastmaster (as an insult, a derogatory term) – Klathukhar

Before – Uom

Behind – Ukhan

Bell – Kallu

Belt – Gilath

Bird – Nobh

Bird of Prey – Falkhu

Birth – Oriour

Black – Kynth

Black Ark – Mourkhuylkyndar

Black Dragon – Khalakhyndh

Black Guard – Aenarkynth

Blood – Kyael/Oriour

Bloodlust – Sarokhael

Blue – Daro

Bow – Zhabar

Brass (colour) – Khae

Break – Sainth

Bride - Maibd

Brides of Khaine – Maibdethkhain

Bright – Las

Bronze – Khae

But – Sib


Caress – Kherith

Cataclysm – Sarious

Cauldron (of blood) – Khaleos

Chainmail Hauberk (literally “strength against death”) – Dalakoi

Change – Khadath

Chaos – Yenlu

Chariot – Kor

Circle – Hysh

City – Har

Civilian (unarmed Druchii or incapable of fighting) – Gharbhin

Clan - Ken

Cliff – Hag

Cold – Kynth

Cold (numbing) – Kar

Cold One – Kynead/Nauglir

Cold One Knight – Feinukynead

Corsair (literally “sea raider”) – Mouraeth

Council of Male Sorcerers (helped Malekith govern Naggaroth after the Sundering, all killed) – Dru Perim

Cowardice – Kuyl

Coven of Sorceresses – Shobhian

Crafting – Farath

Crag – Hag

Crimson – Oriour

Cripple – Gharbhin

Crow – Anast

Cuirass – Gaiedrugh

Cult of Pleasure (literally “seekers of pleasure”) – Khyrkanashaith


Damnation (eternal) – Khlar

Dance – Suith

Danger – Kython

Dark Magic (literally “knowledge of the sorceresses”) – Shobhuikydhan

Dark Pegasus – Arshaith

Dark Rider (literally “shadow herald”) – Arhakhalir

Darkness – Arha

Death – Kynth

Defender – Aenarion

Defiance – Sarath

Demon – Kuyash

Denial – Elu

Desert – Ruath

Despair – Kar

Destruction (through conquest and warfare) – Urith

Devour – Tan

Dextrous – Fiannadh

Doom – Elthrai

Door – Deash

Dragon – Khaladh

Duty (to one’s superiors) – Sarath


East (literally “sunrise”) – Oriyirah

Eat – Tan

Ending – Elu

Energy – Harath

Essence (soul) – Kheir

Eternity – Saro

Erratic - Kyndul

Evil – Khael

Execution – Ganth

Executioner – Ganthai

Eye – Yir


Face – Aith

Female – Babh

Frenzy – Sarokhael

Flames – Khaladh

Flight – Sheth

Flying - Nobh

Following – Ukhan

Fortune (good or ill) – Sarious


Gate – Deash

Glory – Lakh

Greatsword – Draich

Green (colour) – Menlu

Guard – Anarin

Guardian – Aenarion


Halberd – Anarth

Hand – Men

Hand of the Night (title of a ruler of a Druchii city) - Drachau

Harpy – Harbhui

Harsh – Drukh

Harvest – Ban

Hatred – Thalu

He – Kal

Heart – Lir

Heavens – Drannu

Helmet – Khandrugh

Herald – Khalir

High Elves (literally “hated kin”) – Thalken

High Rank – Fein

High Sorceress – Shobhein

Highborn – Oribhein

Home – Har

Hopelessness – Elthrai

However – Sib

Huge – Koer

Hunting – Karan

Hydra – Koerkuron


I – Iam

Ice – Nagh

Infantry Spear or Glaive (literally “sky piercer”) – Drannach

Infinity – Saro

Insect – Nan

Intensity – Saro

It – Kal


Jealousy – Harath

Judgement – Kheyl


Knowledge – Kython

Kin – Ken

Kindred – Ken

Kiss – Kherith

Knight’s Robe – Khaitan


Lance (literally “soul eater”) – Kheitain

Language (spoken) Lam

Laughter – Graigh

Left – Yenlash

Life – Menlu

Light – Lan

Lithe – Fiannadh

Longsword – Kathain

Loss – Kynth

Loyalty – Senth


Maker of Chains (title held by the leader of a Drachau’s army, used by his right to enslave prisoners of war) – Vaulkhar

Making – Farath

Male – Aebh

Malekith the Witch-King – Malkithukhaladsar

Malevolent Spirits (of dead Druchii, sometimes used by sorceresses) – Maelith

Mannslieb (the silver moon) – Lileath

Manticore – Khaekuron

Mask – Agath

Mask (silver or gold, worn by Highborns of Har Ganeth to protect their faces from a fog that sweeps the city at night) – Caedlin

Me – Iam

Memory – Daro

Merchant (as this is a Druchii who makes their living from trade other than war, it is often used as a derogatory term) – Khyrmen

Merciless – Drukh

Monster – Kuron

Moons – Sarious

Morathi the Hag-Sorceress – Morathushobhisar

Morrslieb (the Chaos moon) – Yenlith

Mother – Ishar

Murder – Khae


Negation – Eath

Night – Arha

Nobility – Khaladh

Noble – Fein

Noble Blood - Oribhein

North – Iagh


Ocean – Mour

Opposing Forces – Yenlu

Orange (colour) – Khaladh

Overshadowed – Graef


Pale – Nagh

Path – Belak

Peak - Rondh

Pierce – Khela

Pinnacle – Rondh

Place – Har

Plain (geographical feature) – Ruath

Pleasure – (physical pleasure or lust) – Khyrkan

Pleasurable Pain – Kython

Potency – Khadath

Power (immense) – Khadath

Power (hidden) – Than

Predator – Harbhui

Priestess of Khaine (archaic term, dating to Pre Sundering) – Tulluch

Punishment – Kheyl

Pursuing – Ukhan


Rain – Menlu

Raven – Anast

Realm of Chaos (the Chaos Hells) – Yenkuyashni

Reap – Ban

Reaper (bolt thrower) – Biannar

Repeater Crossbow (literally “rain of death”) – Uraithen

Right – Iarash

River – Tosir

Road – Belak

Robe (long flowing, made from silk and patterned with runes) – Khaitan

Rockface – Hag

Rule (iron rule) – Kheyl


Sacrifice – Ganth

Screaming – Sheth

Sea – Mour

Sea Cruise (no direct translation a rite of passage for nobles in which they go on a year-long sea raid) - Hakseer

Sea Dragon – Khaladmour

Serpent – Kython

Seeker (a Shade Clan hunter) – Ashath

Shades (of the Blackspine Mountains) - Autarii

Shatter – Sainth

She - Kal

Shining – Las

Shortsword – Uaisi

Shadow Casters (Illegal mostly male users of Dhar, who sell their services) – Vauvalka

Sickle (Short curved blade used for ritual combat) – Glaith

Silence – Kynth

Sin – Khael

Skill – Miniath

Sky – Drannu

Slaughter – Khae

Slave – Klath

Slave Master – Eadukhar

Slavery – Khlar

Sleep – Lath

Sorceress – Shobh

Sorcery – Sarious

Sorrow – Kuyl

Soul – Kheir

Soul Taker (a ritual weapon, literally “denier of victory over death”) – Lakelui

South – Athaig

Speed – Senlu

Spider – Nan

Spineblade (a ritual weapon) – Ghlaith

Spirit Bell (used to ward off evil spirits directed towards the wearer) – Keikallu

Stars – Khadath

Steel – Drukh

Strength – Dalak

Strength (in numbers) – Senth

Stimulant root (no English name – Mildly addictive stimulant extracted from roots of a Lustrian plant, believed to enhance senses) – Courva

Strife – Lath

Struggle (against the High Elves) – Sarath

Storm – Lath

Stupid – Kyndul

Subtlety – Than

Sunless - Graef

Sunrise – Oriyirah

Sunset – Elthyirah

Surrounding – Hysh

Sword – Iarstil


Temple of Khaine – Hargankhain

Thinking – Elehor

Torc (worn by members of a noble’s retinue, literally “collar of service”) - Hadrillkar

Tower – Rondh


Undying Hatred – Sarath

Unreliable – Kyndul


Vambrace – Kuysakh

Vengeance – Thalu

Victory – Lakh


Wait – Anarin

Warrior (trained and ready for war) – Urithan

Watching – Yirrath

Water – Menlu

Weakness (feigned) – Than

West (literally “sunset”) – Elthyirah

White – Sarious

Wilderness – Ruath/Kynth

Wind – Sheth

Witch Elf - Maibd

Witchbrew – Sarokhael

Written Records – Daro


Yellow – Khaladh
Youth – Harath


1 – Kha
2 – Es
3 – Tir
4 – Kan
5 – Deh
6 – Sun
7 – Ut
8 – Rou
9 – Daras
10 – Eta
20 – Ester
30 – Tirter

Note, this pattern continues throughout, so 40 would be Kanter, 70 would be Utter. It is assumed that with other numbers below 100, combinations are used, for example 25 would be Ester Kan, 58 would be Dehter Rou, 99 would be Daraster Daras. Nothing is written for 100 or above.

“Death to the High Elves!” – Kynthuithalkein!
“Shields and Spears!” (meaning to stand to attention or be ready) – Sa’an’ishar!
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Re: Druhir Dictionary - Dark Elf Resource

Post#2 » Tue May 01, 2018 10:18 pm

So.. Lath means Anger, Sleep, Strife, and Storm? Seems strange... Where'd you get this list?

I know Faerûn it isn't WAR, but for Dark Elf/Drow I always use: ... age=common or for making phrases on the go. Great for PnP or text RPing.

Nice list though.

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Re: Druhir Dictionary - Dark Elf Resource

Post#3 » Tue May 01, 2018 10:57 pm

Where you see that, they're from the Kydhani - major runes that feature in Druhir. Each one means a few things, for example "Arha" can represent "Darkness, Night, Shadow, Stealth, Grey". I'd added these in so you can utilise these within context. You have the list of these in the Warhammer Dark Elf rulebook.

Unfortunately, Warhammer never did put a deep level into their Elven languages. But we avoid stuff from other lore. Don't like to cross the beams! :D

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Re: Druhir Dictionary - Dark Elf Resource

Post#4 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:57 am

Here is some additional information on subject.
Major Khydhani runes.

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Re: Druhir Dictionary - Dark Elf Resource

Post#5 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:05 am

Harthani - Phonetic runes.
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Re: Druhir Dictionary - Dark Elf Resource

Post#7 » Thu Sep 27, 2018 10:45 am

For mor information, such as language origins, pronunciation and much more, you can check primary source: ... an04_2.pdf

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Re: Druhir Dictionary - Dark Elf Resource

Post#8 » Tue Nov 19, 2019 8:00 pm

thumb up for roleplay.
keep it up ;-) , maby somday there will be also ulthuan dictionary.

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Re: Druhir Dictionary - Dark Elf Resource

Post#9 » Tue Nov 19, 2019 8:02 pm

for example if i found runes ingame elfen lore does its mean i can try translate what there is writen? khm intresting

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Re: Druhir Dictionary - Dark Elf Resource

Post#10 » Tue Nov 19, 2019 8:22 pm

normanis wrote:
Tue Nov 19, 2019 8:00 pm
maby somday there will be also ulthuan dictionary.
I made one of those too. I really should post it on here - at the moment it's just been saved in The Eternal Host's facebook page :)

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