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Character Backstory-Eldoir Duskoath

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Character Backstory-Eldoir Duskoath

Post#1 » Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:05 pm

Eldoir is one of the nomadic Shadow Warriors of Nagarythe, the grim watchers who guard the Shadowlands and what is left of the once glorious kingdom that had the city of Anlec as the court and seat of power of Aenarion the Defender, the first and most famous of the Phoenix Kings of Ulthuan. Yet Eldoir’s lineage does not hail from Nagarythe but from the realm of Yvresse. His ancestors fled to Nagarythe when the Druchii revealed their debasment and bloodlust which caused The Sundering, and adopted the customs of the Nagarathi. Unlike most elves from Nagarythe, Eldoir’s hair is the color of sunlight, a sharp contrast to the common blacks and browns to be found amongst his fellow Shadow Warriors, an enduring gift from his ancestors.

For many years after his parents where butcherd in a Druchii raid, which left Eldoir bitter and hateful he sought the aid of the eldest and most skilled of the Aesanar, the Shadow-Walkers. His aim: Vengeance. He knew the elders would have no patience for any sort of antics, no weakness. He had trained for many years with the longbow, hunting Shadowvale Deer and slaying the giant scorpions infesting the crags and gullies of the Shadowlands. Yet he knew that his level of skill would be no match for the Druchii he woud inevitably face in the days to come.

The Shadow-Walkers and the rest of the bands where at the beginning doubtful of the youth’s earnestness and mind. The death of his mother and father had made an part of Eldoir’s temperament clear to the other elves. He had become darker, vindictive and recalled slights with unerving clearity. All traits that other Shadow Warriors also showed but for someone so young in the couting of elves should not take the mantle of a Shadow Warrior yet they said. But Eldoir was adamant, for by day he saw the others leave the camp and come back fewer in numbers and by night the tormented deathmasks of his loved ones haunted him..alongside with those who took them from his side.

At last the Aesanar nobles relented and Eldoir was allowed to learn as much as he could while walking in the shadow of a elder Shadow Warrior. He learned to track mortal beasts and men..along with sensing more unearthly foes as best he could. His instructor in the use of a bow was a famed bowmaster by the name of Elder Meresene, who demanded complete perfection in every motion. Under the elder’s tutolage Eldoir improved immensely in a short span of time. And become resistant to pain, as well.

When his band and the nobles who led them deemed that he had learn enough to be included in a raid against the Druchii, he was put under the command of the equally beautiful and shrewd Commander Aliara, who’s mastefully planned ambushes at dawn had become a thing of legend amogst botht he Druchii and the Asur of the Shadowlands.
It was when she issued an order for Eldoir to reinforce the Dragongate’s guard that Eldoir’s part in the war for Ulthuan and the whole world would take a fateful turn in the blooded Age of Reckoning...
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