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[Character Profile] Zhevar Dreadmantle

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[Character Profile] Zhevar Dreadmantle

Post#1 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:37 am


Name: Zhevar Dreadmantle
Race: Druchii
Gender: Male
Age: 57
Flesh: Pale
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Black Guard of Naggarond



Zhevar Dreadmantle is a tall, broad-shouldered Druchii with an athletic musculature that fails to obviously display any measure of strength, fortitude, or physical perfection beyond that which would seem typical of the Witch King's elite. His long black hair, when not otherwise tied up beneath his helm, is loosely held by purple ties behind his head in a manner that seems more functional than elegant. An ice blue gaze peers out from a perhaps handsome, angular face marked only by four slim slash scars, two to either cheek bone. It is presumed that these facial scars, along with the six perfectly symmetrical puncture marks on his back, are evidence of torture rather than warfare, though they are seldom spoken of by the young Black Guard himself. Dreadmantle's ears tuck somewhat closer to his skull, and can be considered moderate in size, decorated frequently by a particular set of three gold rings each.



The young Black Guard known as Zhevar Dreadmantle has had a fast, intense start to his short history. Beginning from the moment he was taken from his birthmother and renamed, Zhevar showed a quiet, fearsome resolve uncommon in many young children. He often used actions, primarily ones of reactionary violence, rather than words to survive in his earliest years. What few words he did speak while growing up often earned him punishment or the ire of his peers, but he always appeared from whatever pain he was put through with a prideful grin. This sort of behavior earned him a begrudging respect from his training mates by way of fear, as he frequently dealt out much worse than the surprising amount of pain he endured. One could always rely on the young Druchii warrior to carry on with orders despite dire cost to self, and eventually he swore his Oath to the Witch King.

Anyone seeking information on the service record of Zhevar Dreadmantle typically stumbles across a report of his first assignment on a raid vessel. He was set upon in the night by the Captain and crew, who were fearful that his report back to his superiors would see to their death. They were guilty of holding back plunder from Malekith himself to further their own gains, despite their orders otherwise. All they managed to do was speed up the judgement process, as the Black Guard eventually escaped and killed many of his captors, then tortured the crew that remained into sailing back to port. Zhevar then turned those that survived in to his superior, and took the Captain's nauglir as a reward.

The most recent reports state that the young Black Guard was assigned a new task, and would be joining the Kar Khadath Regiment to serve the Witch King's military efforts on the frontlines of war. What should happen next would be anyone's guess, but it is clear that Dreadmantle is willing to endure whatever he must in order to fulfill his duties and attempt to survive his next few centuries.


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