Kar Khadath Regiment - RP Vacancies

Feel like burning like a bright wizard? Being as green as a gobbo? Robust like an Ironbreaker? Bloodthirsty like a witch elf? Feel free to speak as them here.

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Kar Khadath Regiment - RP Vacancies

Post#1 » Sat Aug 31, 2019 2:03 pm


Kar Khadath Regiment is an RVR/roleplaying guild. As well as the main activities in game, we run an ongoing story with regular events in which players get to build up personalities and stories for their toons based on their adventures. We're always keen to build up our community, and we currently have some Vacancies for roles. This is a great opportunity to get stuck in if you'd like to start roleplaying, but can't figure out a character background!

Talk to any Kar Khadath recruiter in game if you're interested, or drop us a message here.

Recruiters are:

Membership of one of the RP guilds in our Alliance is a requirement (Kar Khadath, Tribes of Norsca, Drukhae Khalir, Da Bloody Mugz)

Current Vacancies:

Beast Master: Responsible for stable operations, cold one handling and breeding, as well as the control of exotic beasts as the need arises. Comes with professional pay and a +5 to all rolls against beasts.
Job Requirements: Druchii, M or F, beast knowledge

Secretary: The Dreadlord has announced an opening for a new personal scribe. Duties will include taking notes, advising, issuing commandments and ordnances, as well as orders to be circulated as the need arises. Comes with officer stipend and favour.
Job Requirements: Druchii, M or F, education and intelligence

Provisioner: In charge of supply lines and organizing scavenging or foraging as the need arises to obtain the necessary resources for the Regiment's efforts. Comes with officer stipend and authority on provisioning matters.
Job Requirements: Druchii or human

Butcher: Working under the provisioner, responsible for butchering and cooking game or livestock. Comes with worker's pay. Comes with a +10 attack roll against beasts.
Job Requirements: Human or greenskin, strong

Chirurgeon: In charge of medical treatment, surgery, and hospital operations as the need might arise. Comes with professional pay and a +5 to attack rolls against humanoids.
Job Requirements: Human or druchii, education and medical knowledge

Master Engineer: In charge of building fortifications, setting up camp, and handling sieges. Comes with officer's stipend and +10 to related rolls (anything related to masonry, architecture etc, such as attacking a golem or attempting to identify a weakness on a wooden bridge)

Disclaimer: These are IC jobs and the pay is currency not currently quantified. If the job system begins evolving with more people embracing it, pay will be quantified. Officer's stipends are the highest pay, followed by professional and worker's pay.
More jobs will be added soon.


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