Trollgrinder Warband: Chaos RP

Feel like burning like a bright wizard? Being as green as a gobbo? Robust like an Ironbreaker? Bloodthirsty like a witch elf? Feel free to speak as them here.

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Trollgrinder Warband: Chaos RP

Post#1 » Sat Mar 14, 2020 9:10 am

The Pit rang with the cheers and jeers of several dozen Norscan clansmen. Guttural accents cursed in half a dozen different northern tongues. In the centre of the Pit however, Aeke Trollgrinder stood unmoved. He was large, even by the standards of the northern peoples. A colossal tower of muscle and blonde hair. He stood stripped to the waist with an axe in his right hand and a sword in his left, his opponent stood likewise.

The cold winds whipped about them as howls of lost souls tried to claw at their exposed flesh, and at the edge of their vision the spectres of madness flickered. Aeke moved first, stepping hard to the right before powering to his left, dragging his axe across in a powerful straight cut, sword flicking out in a quick jab. His opponent covered the blows with desperate speed, bellowing a curse before returning a blow with his own axe.

Aeke took a step back before catching the haft of the other man’s axe in the beard of his own, wrenching it free with a yell of triumph. He was cut short by the pommel of his opponent’s sword slamming into the bridge of his nose. Stars flew before his eyes and the world flickered for an instant.

A cyclopian raven stared into the warrior’s eyes, its head tilted to one side, “Why do you wait Trollgrinder, slayer of men?” the beak did not move but the voice resounded with power inside the warrior’s skull.

“I do not wait, what is this dream?” The warrior called.

“War rages and you sit idle, the dogs of the South yap louder with newfound courage, why do you wait to show them the power of the true gods Blooded One?” The voice or voices as it wavered in his mind asked in a tone that was curiously accusatory and yet toneless seemingly at once.

“I will slay a hundred southern whelps for the gods!” He bellowed in outrage at the raven. The beak changed. It curled up at the corners in an impossible motion, so that the bird grinned.

“Do so son of Barak, go south, bring glory to the gods, and bear their mark!”

The voice echoed in Aeke’s head as he stood panting in the Pit. His arms felt as though they were weighted down with lead, he saw they were blooded from the tips of his fingers to above his elbows, his sword and axe chipped and broken while slick with red and brain matter. All around him the bodies and limbs of the spectators and his opponent lay in scattered mounds. Some lay with weapons in hand, others had tried to run and had their spines removed with vicious slashes.

A patch of ice at Aeke’s feet revealed his visage. His once slate grey eyes were changed, they burned a fiery orange, his pupils reduced to slits. The gods had marked him. In moments the warrior was clad in his iron armour from head to toe, his shield over the saddle horn and his axe upon his hip. War in the South had a new champion.


Hi everyone, I'm new to WAR, but an old hand at Warhammer and Roleplay. Having been playing and reading Warhammer for the better part of two decades now. I am keen to join the Roleplaying community and I'm hoping to find some likeminded individuals to help me bring Aeke's story to life in game.

I am looking for:

The Raven: A Magus to guide and council Aeke on his rampage south.

The Warlord's Chosen: A Chosen or Marauder Lieutenant to help lead the Warband as Aeke's right hand.

From there we need Zealots and Chosen and Marauders and I'm sure a few more Magus' to help round out the warband. Once we have a core leadership structure we may consider taking on Dark Elves of the Cult of Pleasure and Orcs who serve the Blood God, possibly even just mercenaries who don't mind serving a Chaos Champion. I am minded to allow anyone from the Destruction Alliance to join but you'll need a good reason to sign on with a Chaos Worshipping warlord.

Beyond that I'm just keen to meet and join the Roleplaying community.

Ingame Name: Aeketrollgrind

If you are interested in any of the above, please feel free to hit me up either here or in game. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my short story.

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Re: Trollgrinder Warband: Chaos RP

Post#2 » Sun Mar 15, 2020 3:53 pm

Hey there, I haven't considered going Chaos before but you're in luck cuz I'm considering exploring that side, I have a magus currently and will make a marauder, not sure I can rank so high cuz there're probably better chaos player and Rpers out there, but I wouldn't helping, or even if you want to cross the faction line my Druchii sorcerer could help, I'll keep an eye out for you when I'm online :D

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Re: Trollgrinder Warband: Chaos RP

Post#3 » Wed Mar 18, 2020 10:10 am

Sent you mail ingame under Taeggan.

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Re: Trollgrinder Warband: Chaos RP

Post#4 » Sun Apr 12, 2020 4:25 am

Hey! Going to make a Chosen just for this! Love RP and am very excited! Will send a in game message ASAP

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Re: Trollgrinder Warband: Chaos RP

Post#5 » Sun May 17, 2020 8:29 pm

Hows the chaos rp going?

If still active I might need to make a character for this.

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Re: Trollgrinder Warband: Chaos RP

Post#6 » Wed Jun 17, 2020 12:49 pm

Finding Chaos RP is still difficult, there are some RP players, but they are quite disorganized, the most likely thing to find at the time is the guild "The Ruinous Powers".

I have never found anyone from the guild Trollgrinder, I think if they still exist you will definitely be able to meet.

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