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Help to maintaining uniformity within addons.

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Help to maintaining uniformity within addons.

Post#1 » Tue Apr 07, 2020 5:14 pm

I am currently wasting a lot of time when i am logged in fiddling around with the UI. It was corrupted or something which has lead to me making new profiles and deciding I need to make multiple profiles, one for each archetype and prevent me from tinkering with the articulates and making a mess for myself.

Is there any tips or guidance in how I would go about keeping the profiles stagnant once I make a master copy of each.

I had a lot of issues from addons where, say for example, I simply don't need cultivating on this character.
or I am on a tank, so I change between dps UI and tank UI but still keeping elements.

The main addons I have issue with is pure and nerfed buttons. I am simply wasting to much time playing around with it, which ends up with me breaking something.

Any tips would be handy.


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