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Addon: Motion

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Addon: Motion

Post#1 » Mon Oct 19, 2020 7:08 pm

Anyone else have problems using recipes with this Addon? Often it loads a container with a 0 value, and then the game gives me a message, You must add a container first.

Bud oddly, the Napalm recipe loads just fine?

I just downloaded the latest version and it's still not working correctly. I updated Crafting tooltip as well but nada.

The addon does work if I manually select ingredients. But I've always seen it get buggy if I try to craft more potions than I have ingredients for and the Addon is unusable completely, and I have to leave the game for it to come back.

I'll make it work if this is my only option for apothecary, I was just wondering if anyone else has another addon they use, or a fix to Motion's issues as described.
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